10 reasons to travel with kids

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It is a real shame that a lot of people actually dread travel with kids. It is seen as a chore, they spend hours researching the best ways to fly with a baby, what family travel gadgets they need and think of ways to get their kids to hopefully fall asleep for the flight.

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For us traveling with our son is exciting, we cannot wait to jump on that next flight and take him off to see the world. We are not the only family who feel this way either, Alyson from World Travel Family has a great list of reasons why it is great to travel the world as a family. Below you can find out 10 reasons why travel with kids is the best.

1.  You always have your best friend right there with you. Most parents absolutely adore their kids, and why not?! My son is absolutely the best friend I have and having him around while I travel makes me feel less lonely. Is that crazy? Maybe. But he makes ME feel safe, and makes me feel like I am never alone.

2. You get to see the world through the eyes of a child. Travel with kids paints the world in a whole new light. Kids are fascinated by things we usually overlook. Just recently in Barcelona my son was amazed by a dead bird (gross I know) but it made me think how many things I would usually overlook without him there. We started to see how child friendly places were, noticing parks and open areas more often. In Ibiza we visited Parc De La Pau, an amazing open space we would have never found without Travis.

3. You start to see the world as one big candy store. I used to avoid candy and ice cream, more out of laziness or being to shy to walk into somewhere and take a proper look around. When you have a kid in a hot country they need ice cream. It helps them cool down and is a comforting food for them to have when they might be feeling a little homesick. This means as parents we are experiencing a world of ice cream and oh my is that delicious.

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4. Kids make friends really easy. One thing David and I noticed when we travel is we do not make a huge effort to meet people. Do not get me wrong we love meeting people and love to talk with new people but I think it is slightly outside our comfort zones to push ourselves into talking with strangers all of the time. When you have a kid they do that for you. I cannot tell you how many friends Travis has made me.

5. You get to visit some really great places. When we travel as adults it can be hard to satisfy our inner child. We love traveling with Travis because we have some really neat trips lined up… Disneyland Hong Kong, we cannot wait to visit!

travel with kids
Travis now sees his Dad every day

6. At home many of us are in a 9 to 5. That is all fine and well but one of the things that break my heart is seeing Travis cry every day when his Dad leaves for work. I have been lucky enough to work online since before I was even pregnant with Travis, but his Dad never has had that experience. As of this post going live David is no longer employed. And that to me is the best gift that travel has given us. Travis will see his Dad every single day, and why shouldn’t he?

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travel with kids
Travis is making memories all over the world

7. No more cleaning. No one likes cleaning, right? When we travel we have someone coming into our room and cleaning up the crumbs we spill, which translates to us having more time to spend with our son. People always tell us how quickly kids grow up and I for one do not want to miss a single second of it.

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8. Learning from the world. I love love love that my son learns from doing. Learning from a book is great, but learning by seeing the actual place is even better. Travis is only 2 and he already knows and has seen places some kids will never see even as adults.

9. Travel benefits. Now this is a sneaky one. When you travel with a stroller you can skip some lines in airports. I mean we are all going to the same place so what does it matter, but I hate wasting time standing in a line. Skipping that and getting through quickly because of a stroller makes me very happy.

10. Memories. Who does not want memories all over the world? By the time my son grows up and leaves home he will have friends all over the world who he can visit, or have visit him. I love knowing we are setting him up to live a life of travel, if that is what he wants. He will learn skills from people all over the globe, will have a global taste palette and cooking skills to rival his wonderful cooking Grangie (Gran Angie.)

There are so many reason you should take your kids abroad. These are just a few of them.

All the reasons you should travel with kids #travel #familytravel
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Travel with kids is awesome and here is why #travel #familytravel
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