A walking tour of Reykjavik

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We always say that the best way to get the know a place is to walk around aimlessly for a few hours in the heart of the city (or town.) We did just this for around half a day in Reykjavik. We made our own walking tour of Reykjavik from Laugavegur shopping street to the Marina and all the way back to the hotel Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura.

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We are going to share some of the cool things we seen on the way.


Early in the morning before our trip with Gray Line Iceland we were dropped in an industrial-like area to wait on the bus. To our delight there was a huge pastry and sandwich shop there where we got ourselves some yummy sandwiches. This was the first time we had come across and Illy in person!

walking tour of Reykjavik
We got breakfast at Illy

We spent the rest of the morning snorkeling and did not get back to exploring until after lunch.

After lunch

We wanted to be super-touristy and headed to Laugavegur shopping street to get our hands on some Dunkin’ Donuts and some gifts for our families. There is so much to see and do on this street, you could walk it for hours enjoying all the beautiful shops. There are many other awesome places to eat in Iceland.

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walking tour of Reykjavik
Walking by the Marina

We then walked down to the Marina and enjoyed watching the boats. We came across some cool sculptures one of which was of a train!

walking tour of Reykjavik
Train sculpture by the Marina

We continued to follow the water along around the edge of the city which is where we came across an old abandoned boat and some really big boats in the water which were still in use.

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walking tour of Reykjavik
An abandoned old boat


walking tour of Reykjavik
A big boat in the water right by the edge of the Marina

Walking back to the hotel

After exploring in the main part of the city we decided to walk back to the hotel. This took us through the part of the city where the locals live and it was really cool to see the types of houses the real Icelandic people were living in. We came across the University, huge street art murals and beautiful green parks.

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walking tour of Reykjavik
Walking back to the hotel

Öskjuhlíð hill

Back near the hotel you can take a full tour of the hill Öskjuhlíð outside. Check out how we found World War 2 remains on the hill. But if you want to visit it briefly as part of a tour you can visit a cool little camp at the bottom of the hill with huts made out of wood!

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walking tour of Reykjavik
The little camp on the hill

Taking a self-guided walking tour of Reykjavik is a great way to see lots of really cool stuff in a short time. The city is so small you could easily do all of this within a few hours.

Have you ever taken a walking tour of Reykjavik?

walking tour of Reykjavik
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A great walking tour of Reykjavik!
check out a great walking tour of Reykjavik if your in this beautiful city!

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