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Welcome to our  family travel blog.

Hello. We are The Meldrums. Our travel family consists of Mum (Tasha), Dad (David) and our son Travis.  We are a young family of three with a passion for experiencing new things and chasing adventure. This is why we have set ourselves on a course of family travel starting in Qatar in September 2017. Our mission is to film the whole thing, and share it with our readers and viewers through our YouTube channel and inspire other families to live life their own way.

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Follow us on our journey, living life our way.


I am David and I am 23. Currently I get a lot of opportunity to travel regularly with work… This means sometimes I’m travelling without the rest of the family. It can be bittersweet to see the world without my partners in crime, but for now that is the way it is.

This is something we plan to change in 2017, when we will make a huge change and base ourselves out of Thailand for a while.

family travel

Me in Thailand, May 2016

I really love to travel. I’ve found that its easier to learn, easier to motivate yourself and easier to make friends when you are out there making the most of the world. I am a big supporter of the work-life balance which is why I started my own online business in August 2016. This has given me the time and money freedom to be able to see a bit more of the world and will continue to do so until I decide to go ‘home.’ In 2016 I spent time in a total of 9 countries. I have been as far as Iceland and Thailand, and as close as England.

My business can be thanked for funding all of the trips I have taken since starting in August.

family travel

Me at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


I’m Tasha… I am 26 and I love to travel. My passion for travel started as a kid. I was often taken abroad with my family and enjoyed seeing a lot of countries in Europe.

family travel

Me in Fuerteventura

I remember thinking I would never have the money to go anywhere outside of Europe. I even used to dream of the long flights and when I woke up I always felt that the dream had been totally outside of my reach, really surreal. I met David in 2013 and we became really close really quickly. I knew that our relationship was going to be much different from any of the ones I had been in before… and I was right.

family travel

David and I from 2013

I had never travelled with a partner, made realistic future plans or done anything other than go out drinking. I never even had a sense of what money really was, I just earned it to spend it again. Travel became really interesting to me around 2006… I visited Rome with some friends and we began to share our travel stories and this is when I fell in love with the idea of Thailand. It was around this time I began to use the internet or a lot and I began to make friends from all over the world.

For me the freedom to be able to see these places is what keeps me sane. I was not born to work to pay bills then die. To live on such a wonderful planet and never experience it seems ludicrous to me.

Life was made for living… And I plan to do exactly that.


My name is Travis and I’m only 1 year old. I got my first passport when I was only a few months old.

family travel

Shopping with Grandad when Mum and Dad were in Thailand

I was so excited when they told me we were going to Fuerteventura this year! I loved the plane and it helped me have a really good nap, so I cannot wait to go on the next one!

The beach is my favourite place to go. Water is so much fun and my Mum and Dad let me play in it as much as I want! My favourite thing to do is to take a ball to the beach and run about the sand kicking it with my Dad. He loves football.

I really like to explore but I’m always pushing my luck and trying to climb big rocks or jump in the pool.

Travis on the plane

My Mum and Dad said I am going to travel more, and I am really excited about that. I met so many nice people when I was abroad and I ate so much cool food! I hope I can keep travelling to new places because I don’t like being indoors much, and Scotland is too cold to be outside a lot. Luckily my Gran makes me really cool blankets for when I go out.

family travel

Travis, Scotland 2017

I will really miss my family but I want to travel while I can, and make friends all over the world.

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