Review: Air Asia

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Airline: Air Asia

Type: Budget airline

Date: May 2016

Flight: Short haul


We flew with Air Asia from Chiang Rai to Bangkok. The flight was pleasant and enjoyable. We found that the whole thing was very professional and the staff acted as if they were hosting a five start airline. They were very nice and accommodating to guests and made the journey very exciting.

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We do not remember there being food on offer on this flight, though we cannot say that for sure. We certainly were not given any complimentary food like we had been given on Nok Air.


We found the staff to be very professional and accommodating. They went out of their way to help us and were a pleasure to be around. They were all exceptionally dressed and looked perfect. Every single one of them were polite and kind to us and we embarked and then left the plane.

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This Air Asia flight was filled with both locals and tourists. There were a mix of people on the flight.

My favourite part

I loved the whole Atmosphere of the Air Asia flight. The staff were so beautifully dressed and looked so classy. I felt like I was on a five star airline.

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My least favourite part

I was super uncomfortable the whole way as I had worn the totally wrong kind of shorts for travelling. I felt a bit stuck and with the language barrier I did not want to be up and down a lot and have to try and explain that my shorts were causing me pain.

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