Alternative travel: How to travel when you can’t travel

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So, you are between travels? Maybe you travel around work, or finances. You just aren’t one of ‘those people’ who can travel full-time. You are bored, wanderlusting, and want to feel more like you do while you travel. Here are a few ideas to get you doing some alternative travel!

Watch travel movies

If you are anything like me you love a good travel movie. I like to watch them when I am between travel, they give me good ideas of where I’d like to see… but also show me beautiful video of the places I have flights booked to!

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Last night, I watched Kon Tiki and Hector’s Search for Happiness. Both were really good films and made me so excited for trips I have coming up! Kon Tiki has great moments filmed in Peru, somewhere I plan to go in a few months! They can really transport you to another place. Make sure you turn off distractions, get really engrossed. Picture yourself there, doing just what they do! I can almost feel those waves lapping my feet…

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Share travel stories

My friend recently came back from Dubai . We have a great in-depth conversation about Dubai and Thailand, because we haven’t seen each other since I had been. She plans to go to Thailand so she was really interested in what I had to say. Its always amazing to recall stories and remember how you felt while you were in that place. It is a great way to re-live a trip and an alternative travel method! It only feels better when someone asks more about it, and is really interested in what you have to say.

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Make travel plans

Do you know when you can travel next? Look into the places you are going. Look up flights. Look up activities and excursions. Read blogs. Dream. This is one of my most favourite things to do. I am usually so filled with information about a trip that its all I can think about. People see me as a knowledge bank because I learn so much about the places I go.

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Make travel plans

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I always feel confident when I arrive somewhere because I know a lot about the place too. Usually I’ll know how far my hotel will be from the airport, how much I should expect to pay for transfers. I never have a bad surprise in that department! For me this is the ultimate wanderlusting experience.

Alternative travel – Just get outside

There is often way more on your back doorstep than you will realise. It is such a great experience to look at your hometown with new eyes. I have found this is much easier after a stint of travel too. You begin to appreciate the beauty around you. Get out an climb those hills, walk those streets, and learn about your own history.

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My hometown

Do you have any tips for wanderlusting between travels? Let me know!

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alternative travel is great for when you cant travel!
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