Review: Ark Bar Koh Samui

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Establishment: Ark Bar Koh Samui

Location: Chaweng, Koh Samui

Date: May, 2016


We were recommended to try Ark Bar Koh Samui by an Italian restaurant owner at the bottom of Chaweng. We happened to park up right beside it at The Islander bar for pre-drinks so decided to check out Ark Bar Koh Samui later that night.

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Ark Bar Koh Samui
Loungers on the beach

We thought it was pretty hidden away. But when you find the entrance and trust the place enough to follow the path round the back you are rewarded with an amazing place. This place is insane. There are loungers on the beach where you can drink, there are people throwing fire around on platforms in the sea. There are cool screens where you can submit your pictures during parties. There is a DJ booth, a pool and so much more.

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Ark Bar Koh SamuiLocation

Ark Bar Koh Samui is right across from The Islander in Chaweng. Chaweng is packed with  fantastic nightlife, hotels, food and markets. It is the perfect location to base yourself on Koh Samui.


The drinks here were pretty general. I mean maybe there was more on offer but we had general vodka and lemonade. It comes in plastic cups because you are able to walk around the huge place and drink on the beach. Makes sense really.


You would expect this place to be filled with wild party animals. I think typically it is as it really is a party venue. We did meet families here too though who had their kids there to enjoy to fire dancers. It was nice to see a real mix of people enjoying the show.

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My favourite part

I loved the fire artists. What they can do is absolutely amazing and insane at the same time. Its like watching men create their own fireworks and create art with them!

Ark Bar Koh Samui
Fire dancers

My least favourite part

Men walk around here asking you to hold their lizards. When you do and take a picture like they pressure you into, they ask for money. It happened to us but because the flash did not go off we managed to get away with turning him down. He wasn’t keen to let us off though. I heard they drug the animals too to make they dopey and obedient, so try to avoid doing this as it encourages them to carry on.

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Ark Bar Koh Samui
David with the lizard

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