Review: Art Cafe Chiang Mai

Art Cafe Chiang Mai

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37 Responses

  1. Sanyam says:

    Great to know about this one!!

  2. Ha Truong says:

    So good that I came across this article. I’m going to try this when I visit Chiang Mai! Thai rice looks so yummy!

  3. stace16 says:

    Looks like a really great find! That food looks pretty amazing. Ill definitely have to keep this spot in mind for when we get to thailand!

  4. Zel says:

    Chiang Mai is on my bucket list next year. I will check this out when I get to visit Chiang Mai. I’m drooling! Thanks for sharing.

  5. natalietanner says:

    I love the spring of mint on top of a savory meal. I have only thought of mint as something that goes with sweet things like tea or ice-cream. I’d love to try this type of food. Looks like you found a great cafe!!!

  6. A wonderful review. The Thai fried rice look yum! They resemble Nasi Goreng though (without the egg) is there any similarity in taste?

  7. yukti says:

    Food cafe looks nice and Thai fried rice looks yum. Also about toilet you mentioned is not clean which I also find in many cafe same problem. Good you have written all details

    • Natasha says:

      It was clean but the door did not feel safe to lock., it seemed so old maybe it would break easy. I hope that makes sense. Maybe it’s fixed now

  8. Kevan says:

    One of the great things about traveling is eating. We always try to eat local whenever possible. This one sounds like a winner.

    • Natasha says:

      Oh for sure. Highly recommend it. We have taken to doing the same, we have found the food to be way more delicious when we eat local too.

  9. It looks so delicious. I like my Thai fried rice to be spicy and with a lot of shrimps too. Local foods are the best. You are supporting the vendors and immersing yourself in their culture too.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

  10. Mariza says:

    Thai food is the best! Thanks for sharing this little cafe, hopefully I get a chance to check it out someday.

  11. Momma To Go says:

    That fried rice looks so good, I’ve never had anything like that!

  12. This is so cool saving for my trip to chiang mai soon

  13. asoulwindow says:

    The Thai fried rice looks great. I would love to know if it is vegan. So many times I miss sampling a local cuisine while traveling because I am unable to find vegan local delicacies. I loved the way they have presented it. Very creative and thoughtful.

  14. We were in Chiang Mai a few years ago and we stayed quite close the the Tha Phae Gate – but I don’t remember this cafe at all. Seems like I missed out on some great Fried Rice!

  15. vivomigsgee says:

    i love your review.. and those food photo, looks delish..

  16. I love chiang mai and the vegetarian restaurants were amazing. This place looks really tasty too!

  17. Halina says:

    food looks cool <3 but what i missed is price and meaby it would be a good ide to take a photo of menu with prices :)?

  18. giospy says:

    Oh no, now you make me hungry:) Nice pics and nice description! Looks like you had a great one there!

  19. graxxii says:

    Looks delicious 👌

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