Review: Art Cafe Chiang Mai

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Restaurant: Art Cafe Chiang Mai

Location: Just outside of Tha Phae Gate, Old Town Chiang Mai

Date: May 2016


A quick meal is all that was needed after exploring all morning in the Old Town of Chiang Mai. Art Cafe Chiang Mai is right outside of Tha Phae Gate so it was super easy to locate. We picked it because it had a great menu with a while range of food from lots of different countries.

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It was well air-conditioned inside, really clean and tidy. It was not too busy at the time as it was slight before lunch time (must have been around 11am) so there was plenty of seating.


Art Cafe Chiang Mai is right outside of Chiang Mai Old Town just as you leave by the Tha Phae Gate. It is across a large junction right on the corner of the street.


Art Cafe Chiang Mai has a huge range of food options which is why we chose to eat here. There was everything from Thai, to Mexican and more. In the end we all ended up ordering Thai Fried Rice and we were so impressed with it. It was amazing and so delicious.

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Art Cafe Chiang Mai
The best Thai fried rice I’ve ever had

This is the best Thai fried rice I have ever had and I will 100% be going back here when I am living in Chiang Mai for a while. I think because we left the Old Town walls we managed to get a much better deal on the cost of the meals too.


There were a few other Westerners in Art Cafe Chiang Mai when we were there but mainly I noticed it was Chinese people who were eating here. There were a couple of locals here too but I think they knew the owner.

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My favourite part

The best part of Art Cafe Chiang Mai was the food. No questions about it.

My least favourite part

I remember the toilets being kind of old and dodgey. Didn’t stop me using it though!

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Art Cafe Chiang Mai
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You need to try the rice at Art Cafe Chiang Mai #travel
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