Arthritis and Being a Digital Nomad – How to Make it Work

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One thing I have come to learn is that my terrible posture is really not helped by my love of computers. I have always suffered from backs, neck pain and achy legs. It all began when I became a bit of a gamer and was using the computer for long periods of time. Becoming a Digital Nomad certainly did not help. Working from wherever I find wifi… sometimes a beach or a hotel bed, being a Digital Nomad has been tough on the old joints. Here is how I have learned to make it work.

Getting the right equipment

Since I cannot always guarantee that I will have a great desk set up – the next best thing to do is to prepare myself with the best equipment to keep my posture as strong as possible. I have to travel with a laptop because a desktop computer is out of the question. It is important to me to make sure I use some little extras that stop me getting strains in my wrists and other injuries which can prevent me from being able to produce my best work.

Being a Digital Nomad
Using the built in mouse-pad worsens posture.

One piece of equipment I could not work and travel without is my ergonomic mouse. Although I use mine for medical reasons they are actually great for being able to control your mouse movements more precisely and they are absolutely necessary if you want to be the best of the best on any online games. There are so many ergonomic mice on the market it can be hard to choose, but luckily I stumbled across this great ergonomic mouse guide to help you choose between the best one on the market. I have certainly found that not using a seperate mouse worsens my posture, as I learn to use the mousepad. This causes a lot more back and hip pain than when I use the mouse.

Knowing when to stop

Although working online doesn’t always mean you can just ‘stop’ whenever you want, there is more flexibility to it than a regular 9-5 job. When I get too sore I get up and take a walk, or move to a new ‘desk.’ Being a Digital Nomad means I can move around a little more and find a new space to work from which is more suitable to my needs.

Being a Digital Nomad
Stopping regularly and changing seat helps

Certainly knowing my limits is the most important thing in keeping my pain under control. I know by looking at a seat if it will work with me or not. It is important to trust my instincts and avoid situations that worsen my pain.

Pain releif

This does not always mean pain medication. Yes, I do take strong painkillers but I also use other things to help ease my pain. I use a lot of hot and cold lotions, ice-packs and sometimes the odd wine! The most important gels I use to reduce the amount of pain I am in are the Aloe MSM and the Aloe Heat Lotion. Both work deep inside the body to releive of pain. The MSM focuses on arthritis pain, while the heat focused lotion targets any muscular pain I am getting.

Being a Digital Nomad
These pain relief gels are my go-to

And of course I am insured incase anything happens to go wrong out here!

Have you found ways to deal with chronic pain while being a Digital Nomad? Find out how I work around my hypermobility while I travel.

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