Attraction marketing – What is it?

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Attraction marketing is very important to small business owners, particularly in the network marketing field.

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is something being utilized by many people. These people typically make use of social media in their marketing efforts. I am going to focus on network marketing for the purpose of this post. Network marketers quite often are focusing on finding people to join their business, to become part of their team. This type of business thrives when lots of people are doing a little bit of work, so the bigger your team, the bigger your income.

attraction marketing
Attracting people to your lifestyle

It is difficult to spend time ‘looking’ for people to join you, so many people being to market themselves so that people come to them… They want people to watch this social media, become curious about their posts. The hope is that they will become interested in what you do, and you will explain the awesomeness of network marketing, and boom – they join you.

Is it difficult to do?

Now it really isn’t this easy. Attraction marketing needs to be nailed and this and it is not always easy for people to understand. You have to understand that what you put out there, is what you get back. You have to design your posts and make them interesting and inspiring to the kind of people you want to work with. Consider who you would work with if you could pick the perfect people… For example;

  • Would you want to work with Mums who want to make extra money from home?
  • Do you want to work with someone really powerful who is looking to build an empire?

Obviously these are two totally different types of people. The ones you wish to attract are who you must post your content to. A lot of people want to get as many people as possible. This is a bad idea for many reasons, not least that you will be unlikely to inspire and help a lot of people who have completely different goals than you do.

Use Facebook for attraction marketing
Use Facebook for attraction marketing

It is very important to understand your ideal audience, and then you can begin to design your posts around attracting them. Of course the same idea goes for other businesses. If you want to know more about running successful Facebook campaigns, without coming across as spammy and annoying read here.

attraction marketing post example
Attraction marketing post

In summary, attraction marketing is using your social media to attract your idea audience to you, instead of you having to go find them. It is very powerful if you can master it. My advice is to practice, and copy others who you know are doing it well. (Do not steal their posts, but try to mirror their style in your own social media.)


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