Bahia de San Antonio – a low season wasteland

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Bahia de San Antonio is an area of the island of Ibiza, just off the town of San Antonio. We stayed in the Hotel San Remo in this area in April 2017 and we found that during that time (the low season) the place was like some sort of wasteland. The kind you expect to see in end-of-the-world type movies.

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We talked before about the dangers of Ibiza which touched on this a little. But we wanted to explain more why we think Bahia de San Antonio resembles a wasteland in low season.

Empty hotels

During this season a lot of the hotels close down and stay empty. I am talking a good 80% or more of the hotels are closed. A lot of them start to do repairs or get renovated and they seem eerily quiet and empty. We even saw hotel foundations without walls or roofs. It was like scenes out of a movie. A real shock to the system.

dangers of Ibiza
Empty pools and hotels are everywhere you look

Hotel pools were literally drained down to nothing and the paint was chipping off the hotel walls. It was kind of scary!

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Building sites

There were building sites everywhere. Hotels were half built in places, or half knocked down. We weren’t sure which. I even got really badly hurt at one where they had metal poles sticking out the scaffolding into the street.

Boarded up stores

Stores and supermarkets were boarded up. We found that only 5% of the stores nearby actually opened at any point. The same went for the bars, restaurants and excursions. There were no options for things to do unfortunately.

Bahia de San Antonio
An abandoned wedding set up at the beach

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We found the area really dead. We did expect more even though we got the trip on a super low budget because of low season. Even as non-partying people visiting Ibiza we were stuck for fun things to do. It was difficult to even get nappies in the area and the ones we did get they had doubled the price (the nappies said they should be about £6 and we were told to pay over 11 Euros.) Because o the lack of options you are just made to pay whatever you are told to at the time.

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Bahia de San Antonio
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Bahia de San Antonio in Ibiza and what it is like in low season #ibiza #travel
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