How the Bali Volcano Eruption ruined our Christmas

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Most people know we have been planning our family gap year for over a year now. Most of our plans have been set in place for a long time, with most of the flights we needed being already booked and paid for. The Bali Volcano Eruption has completely blown up our Christmas plans and has meant we have had to go back to the drawing board and completely re-plan our trip. Here is why.

Bali for Christmas

We planned to spend a month on the island of Bali over Christmas and New Year. Before we left the Bali Volcano Eruption was becoming a bit threat but nothing had happened yet. We were constantly searching for the latest Bali Volcano news… hoping for the best. A few weeks into our trip we were offered an amazing opportunity to take a Bali volcano tour, which included a Bali Volcano hike and Bali volcano trekking.

Bali Volcano Eruption
We were booked to do a Bali Volcano Tour

We have had agreed to take a Bali Volcano Tour and were so excited to use the drone to film the whole thing and show everyone who watches our YouTube channel.

Our plans thrown out

Not too long after arriving in Thailand Air Asia decided to change our flights because of the Bali Volcano Eruption. The times and dates had modified without our complete consent so the airline agreed we could seek a refund or credit with the airline for both the flight into, and the one out of, Bali. Because of the Bali volcano news we decided to take the refund and credit and change up our plans.

This meant waving goodbye to our wonderful Christmas on Bali, to which we had invited friends to join us on the island. We had to spend time re-thinking our plans and re-booking flights and chasing up our refund from Air Asia (which we are still waiting to recieve.)

The new Christmas plan

Thanks to the Bali Volcano Eruption we had to replan our Christmas period. Our friends were mainly going to be in Bangkok at the time so we had to pay a little more to make our way to Bangkok to meet them there. We are missing out on the Bali volcano trekking, Bali volcano tour and Bali volcano hike we had planned for our Chistmas and New Year – which is really devastating.

Bali Volcano Eruption
We will spend Christmas in Bangkok now

We are happy to be spending Christmas somewhere safe, with friends, and somewhere we know really well and love. Thanks to the Bali Volcano Eruption we will be spending Christmas in our favourite country in the world… Thailand.

Had the Bali Volcano Eruption effected your plans?

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