Barcelona in pictures

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My Mum and I visited Barcelona in June 2017. It was part of a larger trip in the Costa Brava area of Spain. We decided to spend a day in Barcelona on our first week there.

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We started the walk at Plaza Catalunya. Travis chased around the birds for a while and we ate our picnic in the lovely summer heat.

Barcelona in pictures
Plaza Catalunya

We began by walking around the old town where we learnt about the witches convent and the story about them being frozen in stone. You can see them in the picture below, always staring out into the world…frozen in time.

Barcelona in pictures
The witches frozen in time

We then made a wish as we walked under the bridge in the picture below and looked into the eyes of the skull. Our guide told us if our wish did not come true we could come back and pull the sword out its mouth and destroy all of Barcelona.

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Barcelona in pictures
The skull of wishes

We then walked through the square where bad people were left to be beheaded. There would be a torch lit if there was a killing deed to be done and anyone could come and kill the bad person and take the money left for doing the awful task. You would then put out the lamp when the deed was done.

Barcelona in pictures
The killing square

We visited a lot of indoor gardens withing the beautiful buildings of Barcelona.

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Barcelona in pictures
A green space in the city

We visited other historical buildings including this one. The wooden part in the top was build to echo the voices of the people sat below. If they were heard saying anything bad about the home owner, they were killed.

Barcelona in pictures
The echo room

We walked around more of the Gothic Quarter and visited an area where the flowers of a huge tree rain yellow on to the square below.

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Barcelona in pictures
Yellow flower rain covers the square
Barcelona in pictures
Travis kissing a bollard

We found an old orphanage where there was a hole to put in unwanted children. You could add money into the slot in the left to help take care of the baby and give it a good start to live.

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Barcelona in pictures
The baby hole

We walked around a lot of town and found the bottom of the most famous Las Ramblas and walked the full thing taking in the wonderful sights.

Barcelona in pictures
Just at the bottom of Las Ramblas
Barcelona in pictures
Statues around town

We also found a cool playpark in the middle of the Gothic Quarters where we sat and took in the views while Travis played.

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Barcelona in pictures

 We saw a lot more on this walking tour of Barcelona, but this is the pictures we have to show. We ended the day by walking through the Arc De Triomphe

Barcelona in pictures
The Arc De Triomphe

Did you enjoy our diary of Barcelona in pictures?

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