Before you travel the world – Things to consider

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There are things to think about before you travel the world, that are often overlooked because you are too excited, or just do not leave yourself enough time. For long-haul travel there are a lot of things to think about.

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I am going to write these the things to think about before you travel the world down, so you do not have to make the same mistakes I did.

1. Vaccinations

Long-haul travel often means you are going to need vaccinations against things that aren’t a problem in your home country. This can be new to people who have never traveled before, or to people who have only gone from, for example, the UK to Europe. This is also a lot more important if you are traveling with a child because their bodies are not as strong as an adults.

before you travel the world
Plan for your vaccinations

We booked Thailand only 5 weeks before we went in 2016. Ideally you should have your vaccinations at least 6 weeks before going somewhere tropical. This meant we were in a last minute rush to get appointments, order the vaccinations in and then get them done before we left.  You should really be checking what you need well in advance and a great tool do to so is this website by the NHS.

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2. Accruing air miles

If you are planning to become a regular traveller, or already are but aren’t collecting miles – now is a good time to start. Every little helps in this kind of situation so you should really consider how you can start collecting miles before booking your next flight.

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Reward cards

You can collect air miles by signing up for reward cards. These are credit cards which accrue miles as you do your regular shopping. Often these have attractive sign-up bonuses which can even whap a huge chunk off the total cost of your next flight. Some of these cards also give extra miles for purchasing travel related items. I actually just signed up for a card that offers a sign-up bonus of a free flight with Flybe. The extra purchasing power will make my credit rating improve in the future too.

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Frequent flyer clubs

You can also accrue miles by joining the airlines own flyer clubs. For example we joined the Qatar Airways Privilege Club and earned 3000+ miles each for our flights to Bangkok. Being part of the airlines club also means you are more likely to receive an upgrade than if you weren’t a member and can earn entry to their special lounges.

3. Travel money and cards

It is also useful to consider how you will spend abroad. Countries like Thailand had a currency that is really high in 0’s. This means even a few hundred pounds will be thousands of bhat worth of notes. This can be a pain to carry around and could even make you a target for robbery. You should take some cash, however, and a good website to order on is Travelex. They deliver to your home and you can order more than one type of currency in one go! Last year I got Icelandic Krona and Thai Bhat in one order. Simple and easy.
before you travel the world

It is important to try to find a good credit card to use abroad. This means it will have no, or low, fees for spending abroad, converting currencies and withdrawing abroad. There is a really good article on travel credit cards here.

Before you travel the world - Things to consider #travel
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Things to consider before you travel the world #travel
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