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With the human body needing a recommended requirement of two litres of water per day for men and just over one and a half litres for a woman, this tells u that drinking water is crucial to our very existence. But why do we have to drink water? Why should we filter our water? What is the best filtered water bottle to buy? Throughout this article, I am going to be answering these very important questions and hopefully help people protect themselves against contaminated water.

Why do we have to drink water?

Best filtered water bottle

Well, firstly why do we have to drink water? For those of you who don’t know, the adult human body is made of up to 60% of water. All our vital organs in our body are made up of a high percentage of water. Every day when we go about our day to day business we are using our bodies fluids so we simply have to replace them, thus drinking water. It is noted that the human body will only survive for three days if not drinking water. This information should be enough to tell you to not be silly and take on enough water each day to stay healthy.

Comparison table comparing best filtered water bottle

Below here you will see a comparison table that allows you to compare filtered water bottles against one another to determine which suits your need and budget best.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier + filterBest filtered water bottleCheckYes
Water Purification Filter BottleBest filtered water bottleCheckYes
LifeStraw Go Water Filter BottleBest filtered water bottleCheckYes
Onia Water Filter BottleBest filtered water bottlesCheckYes

Why should we filter our water?

This is a very good question and some of which just really don’t understand but for me, it’s a must. I began filtering my water a few months back and it was primarily to get me in the habit for when I went travelling with my family. Going to South East Asia, you are recommended to not drink the tap water as its dirty and will make you ill. Another reason I now filter every bit of water I drink is so I know that it is clean and isn’t contaminated with anything like diseases, metals or fluoride.


Best filtered water bottle

Cholera- Cholera is a terrible disease that is contracted when drinking dirty water. Some symptoms to start with are diarrhoea, vomiting and bad muscle cramps. This is a disease that can ultimately become fatal if not treated. Over three million people catch this disease yearly, resulting in over one hundred thousand deaths per year. That is a lot of lives wasted due to not drinking filtered water.


Best filtered water bottle

Some metals found in our water supplies are lead, copper and mercury to name a few. It happens so regularly that the government in the UK actually have limitations on how much of these metals are actually ALLOWED in our water. To me this is absurd. Private sources of drinking water are not monitored so could contain much higher and dangerous amounts of metals in their water supply. A very good reason to cut these metals out your water by 99.9999% using the best filtered water bottle.


Best filtered water bottle

Fluoride is in the water we get straight from the tap, but first, let me tell you that fluoride is poisonous to the human body. Water containing fluoride is said to lower IQ results of people if they are given it as a child. So why do the government actually put it in our water? Another reason to be drinking filtered water.

What is the best filtered water bottle to buy?

Okay so by now I’m hoping that you are wanting to change the water you drink for the better by getting your hands on a filtered water bottle. However, which is the best filtered water bottle for you? There are so many out there that ultimately do the same thing, which is making our water cleaner. Filtered water bottles come in various shapes, sizes, colours and different costs.

It is crucial that finding the best filtered water bottle that suits your needs as well as your budget. I didn’t mind paying a little extra knowing the value of, one saving money from buying bottled water and two, knowing I’m drinking clean water. For me, that is more than enough to make me want one. Actually, we now have three filtered water bottles. One each for myself, Natasha and Travis.

Our pick for the best filtered water bottle

Our favourites are the bottles by Water To Go. We love that there are two different sizes and really appreciate a good purification bottle which ticks all the boxes. As you can see from the Amazon table above not all of the filter bottles actually remove everything, but these bottles by Water To Go remove 99.99% of everything, including diseases, metals and much more. We travel with a toddler so a smaller water bottle which filters out all the muck was exactly what we were looking for. The flip straw is easy for kids to use too.

The filters are replaceable and small enough to pop in a backpack, making it so easy to travel with them. There is a wonderful choice of colours meaning you can personalise your bottle to some extent too. Click here to buy the Water To Go bottles on Amazon.


Are you looking for the best filtered water bottle that money can buy? Check out these great filtered water bottle here and see why you need a filtered water bottle in your life.
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  • We drink filtered water where there is risk of getting pure water form. You have given valuable information about importance of water and also if we don’t take it in pure form then can get many infections. I loved water bottle ideas given by you.

  • This is so useful. I saw one of my friend using this bottle . It is very useful to me because I often trek to frequently and in remote areas where source of water is only lakes, river, streams etc. This is very resourceful in such situations.

  • I personally don’t own a filtered water bottle because we usually travel to developed countries where water is safe to drink from the tap. Or, we just buy bottled water. But I can see how the filtered water bottle can be handy!

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