The best place in Thailand for Pad Thai

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By no means am I an expert on Thai food. What I can say is I have been there and I have tasted Pad Thai everywhere I went and I know where I prefer it. I’ll share with you my best Pad Thai secrets.

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Pad Thai is well known with locals and travellers alike for being a comfort food. It is a stir fried dish with noodles and typically prawns. It is sometimes spicy and usually has grated nuts to garnish.


Food in Northern Thailand has a reputation for being really delicious. Many people flock to the North to try the amazing curries and take a cooking class. Pad Thai in Chiang Mai was my least favourite. UPDATE: We are now living for a month in Chiang Mai and I have found some extremely delicious pad thai from street vendors and the Blue Diamond Breakfast Club serves up a delicious pad thai.

best Pad Thai

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Actually it was my least favourite for food overall. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed the Pad Thai (which I have with chicken not prawn) however it was much better elsewhere. Certainly not the best Pad Thai.

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Koh Samui served up some pretty good food I must say. Our friends Kirstie and Shane showed us the food market, which we had missed up until this point. This was possibly some of the best food I have ever eaten! I did not try Pad Thai here but the Cashew Chicken was top notch. Possibly this is because it was street food and more authentic? Could be.

best pad thai

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Koh Phangan served up some awesome Pad Thai. The surprise was it was actually a British chef who cooked it at our resort which was called Charm Beach. This was our longest stay of any places so I managed to enjoy it time and time again! This was the best Pad Thai on the islands that I had managed to taste.


Bangkok was my first, like it is for many others, port of call in Thailand. Naturally it was where I enjoyed my first Pad Thai. During the first night we got pretty drunk, of course, on Khaosan Road and we befriended a local. Lala, our new friend, took us a street back to Rambuttri Alley to one of this favourite eateries and we enjoyed our first ever Pad Thai here. UPDATE: We stayed again in Bangkok for over a week and found the street food pad thai to be the best. It varied from each person even within one street so try a few!

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best Pad Thai

Pad Thai here was so good that we decided to go back a few times to have it again. Obviously this was my most favourite place to enjoy Pad Thai for sure.

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I know each person and place makes it different which is why you can like it in once place and not the next. I’d say try it somewhere else if you didn’t enjoy it the first time, you will likely find it to be hugely different!

best pad thai
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best pad thai
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