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It is officially only three weeks until we leave on our round the world trip as a family. Our son is only two years old and although we are confident that he is well behaved beside the pool, and is trying to learn to swim, we knew we needed something more to boost his confidence in the pool and to give us peace of mind. This led to use researching and getting the toddler swim vest by Zoggs – and we were not disappointed.

What is a toddler swim vest?

A swim vest works in a similar way to a life jacket, only it encourages natural swimming positions without bouncing your toddler around in all directions. With the Zoggs toddler swim vest there is fixed buoyancy which means that the top part of the body is encouraged to float, and the bottom is allowed to sink into the water a little allowing for a natural swimming position to happen.

toddler swim vest
The back of the vest

o although a toddler swim vest helps your toddler float and reduces the chances of an accident (you must always be with your child even if they have this vest on) it also helps your child learn to swim.

Why is it better than other swim vests?

This swim vest for toddlers is made of soft fabric which allows from free movement of the body, especially the arms and shoulders. The fabric is light and quick to dry which can be an essential when it needs to be packed back into luggage with other clothing. The vest zips open at the back and slips on as easily as a coat. The zip at the back means that Travis could not try to unzip it himself (he is a bit of a menace for things like that!) If you have a girl it can comfortably go on top of a full swim suit, but can also act as a top for boys.

toddler swim vest
Travis won’t take it off

The vest is comfortable and does not irritate the skin. We liked that it allowed some room to grow (Travis is 2 and got the age 2-3 years) and for the skin to breathe. You can also get a 4-5 year vest too. The fabric did not irritate his skin like other rubber-y vests have done in the past (he HATED arm bands too.) The vest comes off easily, without dragging and sticking on the skin so that saves a lot of frustration and tears.

toddler swim vest
The zip is on the back

Overall we are really impressed with the vest. We really like that it encourages a natural swimming position while keeping our son safe. And of course we picked blue!

You can buy the Zoggs toddler swim vest here. Or check out other family travel essentials and the best backpacks for toddlers.

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*We were given this swim vest from Zoggs in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are our own

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