The best travel backpacks for boys

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You have probably stumbled across this article as you have a dilemma of deciding what the best travel backpack for boys are. Now throughout this article I am going to be talking about a variety of different toddler backpack’s such as, best backpacks for boys, best toddler backpack and best backpacks for girls, and why they are just what you need for travelling around the world with kids.

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Best backpacks for boys

I decided to buy the Alababy backpack for my little boy as it was the perfect size for him. The straps were really cushioned and made with soft fabric to ensure that when a toddler has the backpack on it is comfortable and not restricting any movement by being too tight. These backpacks for boys were also ideal as we could fit everything he needed in his very own bag which he carried. A few of the items we put in were a jumper for when ever the weather took a turn and got a bit chilly, his bottle so he could be hydrated all the time, which is crucial when travelling with a kid in hot countries,  a snack so that he could have whenever he got hungry and a small toy ofcourse. Lastly one of the best features in my opinion of the backpack was it had a safety strap which was attached to the bag but also allowed you to hold onto your kid. Giving the kid the freedom of walking on his own but also still very safe as he is attached to the bag, which is attached to you! Great idea!

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Best toddler backpack

A great toddler backpack is the Trespass Mini Me Rucksack. This toddler backpack is similar to the, Alababy backpack for boys, in the sense of the padded straps and back to ensure that carrying the backpack isn’t physically sore or exhausting for the toddler. This backpack also have a mesh compartment which is great for easy access where you could put things such as a toddlers water bottle or a snack. With the backpack being 3 litres in size, it allows your toddler to carry everything he needs all by themselves. Again in my opinion the backpacks best feature is the safety rein which allows you to be attached to you as your toddler can walk by themselves, keeping the situation very safe. However if you do not want to use the safety rein then you can take it off to prevent it becoming a pain.

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Best backpacks for girls

The best backpacks for girls in my opinion is this fantastic backpack, The children’s place girls backpack. This vibrant pink in colour backpack is perfect for your little angel as it has two relatively big main compartments as well as a smaller compartment. This will easily store all your little girls things for travelling around the world. A massive added bonus with this backpack is that it is machine washable. Additionally it is made out of 100% polyester making this backpack super light and easy to carry.

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So in summary these are my top picks for the best backpacks for boys, best backpacks for girls and best toddler backpacks.

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