Best travel destinations so far

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In total there are 14 counties on my visited list. This blog is going to go over the three best best travel destinations so far, in my opinion. So to start off with being at number one, is Thailand, number two Gran Canaria and three Netherlands.

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Thailand is such an amazing country for so many reasons. From the beautiful landscape to the super friendly and helpful Thai people. Not to mention the fantastic street food that is available. So the first thing that comes to mind that makes me think Thailand is an extraordinary country is the culture of Thailand. One of the big religions the Thai people worship is Buddhism. Seeing real live monks going about there day to day life just caring for people and looking after their temple, no wage, just living life like that because that’s what they believe in. My favourite place in Thailand is the island Koh Samui.

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Best travel destinations
Viewpoint near Lamai, Koh Samui

The island of Koh Samui is on the west side of the country and is about a 40 minute ferry journey from the port of Surat Thani or you can fly straight into the airport on the island. The viewpoints on the islands were nothing short of breathtaking! The locals are extremely helpful and very friendly. The nightlife is also amazing and i highly recommend the ARK bar if you are ever looking for something to do on the island.

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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island that is part of the Canary Islands, just of the coast of Africa, however part of Spain. Much like Thailand, the locals of the Island were very friendly which makes the experience all that more memorable. The highlight of the trip was a boat ride to see dolphins. We boarded the boat at around 10am and were out all day and what an experience. To see dolphins come so close to the boat and play in the water was an experience I will never forget. The Island in general has a lot to do, especially with kids. The likes of arcades and mini golf were the activities I done mostly.

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So Amsterdam was the destination for my lads holiday in 2011. Many people go to Amsterdam for different reasons and ours was to party. We were there for only 4 nights and stayed in a hostel which was actually quite nice. So through each day we went sight seeing through the day and a trip that stands out was the Heineken brewery Tour.

So the tour consisted of going through the brewery and  seeing each step of the process. Got told some history about the beer and how the company started and lastly a free tasting. Which was obviously the best part. The nightlife in this city is also very fun! Its so cheap for pub crawls, so that happened every night. All in all, a very good trip for a lads holiday. Fancy just a weekend in Amsterdam? No problem.

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Best travel destinations
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