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I spend hours, upon hours scouring the internet for the beat deals in travel. People often compliment me on my wonderful travel deal hunting skills so I’d like to say I am fairly equipped to pick some recommendations for the best travel sites for hotels and other various things.

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Finding the right accommodation is a big deal, and you want to make sure you are picking the best travel sites that are well known, safe and secure. Here are my top accommodation booking sites. was a favourite of mine while travelling Thailand. I could easily log into the app when we decided on a location and filter the hotel by price, facilities and location. I love that offers a map search facility making it super simple to find a place in the location you want. also offers a travel guide for each place you book in. This saves carrying around bulky books, you can check your location guide right at your fingertips. is super simple to use, and you can search as, for example, a family of 2 adults and 1 child, and it will show you double rooms that allow your child to stay with you for free. Another great thing is that after around 5 bookings you become a genius member and get access to discounts, early check-ins and late check-outs.

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Agoda is one of my new favourites because I have found it sometimes has slightly cheaper prices than I also love the ability to collect air miles with Agoda on a hotel you were going to pay for anyway.

The only thing with Agoda is that if you suggest that you are a family of two adults and one child it can often try to force you into going for a room with three beds. The great thing about having a younger child is often they get a free place in hotel rooms, but Agoda doesn’t actually take account of this all of the time. Hopefully they will update that in the future!

Travel Republic

Travel republic is up there with the best travel sites for accommodation because of its low deposit options. You can secure your room from £1 and pay it up closer to the time. The great thing is they do not determine your payments either. You could pay £40 one month, and £157 the next if you want.

best travel sites for booking accommodation

Travel Republic also recognizes that children will share with the parents, meaning you can book a room with a double bed, or two singles for three people. This saves money too. It is certainly one of the best travel sites for hotels.

There are many more sites for booking accommodation. So far these are the ones I use the most. I also use the hotels own website at times because they can offer exclusive discounts which can beat even the best travel sites for accommodation.

What do you think is the best travel sites for hotels?

Our pick of the best travel sites for hotels including some discount codes #travel #deals
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The best travel sites for hotels and accommodation #travel #hotels
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