The best travel stroller – it goes hand luggage!

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We all know too well the grumps of a kid who is too tired to walk. So what happens if you are already carrying a backpack and a camera case? FORGET IT. You need to get a stroller fit for travelling and we have discovered the best travel stroller out there – The GB Pockit stroller.


One of the big reasons we consider this the best travel stroller on the market is because of how small it can go. I remember when I first got it in 2016 I folded it right down and compared it to the size of my boot! There was not much height difference in them that is for sure.

The travel buggy folds so small that it can be carried as hand luggage and fits in the overhead compartment on the plane. So far its been small enough to accompany us as hand luggage on flights to Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Barcelona, on a road trip in England and while hiking and exploring in Scotland.

*In 2014 the GB Pockit stroller won an aware with the Gusiness World Records for being the worlds smallest folding stroller.


The stroller comes in numerous colours. Many times strollers can be plain and boring and although none of these come with fancy fabrics or patterns they do come in a range of colours. We picked the teal blue but were torn between a few choices.

Ease of use

The stroller is pretty easy to use. Once you work out the trick to using it its actually the quickest and easiest thing in the world. There are also a bunch of tutorial videos that show how easy it is to use. We used to have a stroller and carseat combo which we thought was simple but this stroller is way easier. One of the main reasons it is the best travel stroller is how simple it is to learn.

best travel stroller
We picked teal

I’d like to mention that it goes up and down so quickly that its easy to take through airport security and you can fold it up quickly and simply right before boarding or getting off the plane, meaning you can use it until the last minute, or the very second you disembark. We had a lot of jealous stares when we got off the flight from Fuerteventura at 10pm as most Mums were carrying little grumps while we pushed ours to baggage claim.


We found this little guy to so sturdy. It has been through some pretty rough times, survived beaches, hikes, huge gravel, hills and way more. We even used the small basket in the bottom to being home a rock that was so big it scraped the basket along the floor. We found that the wheels managed to get through a lot for their size. Very impressed.

You can also completely remove the seat and the strap covers and machine wash the whole thing. This was so useful after really colourful ice creams in Costa Brava, and sticky sand in Corralejo.


There is a small basket on the bottom, while its super small it does hold a lot and we found it to be useful. We managed to use it to bring back multiple bottles of water to our hotel in Calella and to hold an emergency rain coat while we hiked in Innerleithen.

This is the best travel stroller out there!

Save the headache. Get the best travel stroller first time round | travel stroller | family travel | travel with kids | travel buggy | lightweight stroller
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Save the headache. Get the best travel stroller first time round | travel stroller | family travel | travel with kids | travel buggy | lightweight stroller
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