Review: Boracay Adventures Island Hopping Tour

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Company: Boracay Adventures

Date: November 2017

Excursion: Island Hopping Tour



Boracay Adventures is a fantastic company who do many different excursions. We participated in the Island Hopping Tour which was amazing, or what we managed to see of it. On this tour alone you get to see a few different breathtaking islands, a few amazing snorkel spots where the water is crystal clear, around 3-5 meters in depth and teaming with marine life. All of this whilst riding the waves of the ocean, catching a tan from the hot sun, well what we thought we would be doing, however on the day we Island hopped it was heavy rain.


Boracay Adventures are very flexible and can arrange a meeting point like they done with us which was fantastic.


Review: Boracay Adventures Island Hopping Tour

We were picked up at a meeting point which wasn’t too far from our hotel which was perfect. From here we took a walk to white beach and waited for our boat. Once on the boat, 2wour first destination was to pick up snorkels and masks for us to do some snorkelling. From here we then sailed out to our first snorkel spot. The water was soo clear and warm which made the experience very worthwhile. Our tour guide brought some bread and let us feed the fish, which let us see the fish up close. There was a small fee at each snorkel spot but this was only 40 pesos. We stopped here for around 30 minutes which let everyone even Travis get in and have a swim in the ocean. Once we had finished here it was on to a beautiful beach which I managed to get amazing drone footage of the beach and Island. After this it was on for lunch, every time we seemed to be on the boat it rained very heavily and the sun had gone away making us very cold. When we stopped for lunch we, unfortunately, had to stop the tour there as Travis was just to wet and cold to continue which was very gutting but his health comes before anything so that made our mind up. Our tour guide was also very understanding and also managed to get us a lift back to our hotel which was very helpful.


Review: Boracay Adventures Island Hopping Tour

On the Island Hopping Tour there were loads more people on it with us which was great. There were our fellow blogging buddies Jerny and Jane from The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations, as well as other travellers from different parts of the world. Everyone on board had a great time except the rain and all were friendly with Travis which is always nice to see.


The best part of the time we had on the trip was seeing how happy Travis was in the ocean. He absolutely loved it. He loved being in the water and feeding the fish. I honestly didn’t think he would be able to go in with not being able to swim I just couldn’t see how it could be done. However, we tried him with his blow up ring and he was riding the waver like a pro surfer.


Obviously, our least favourite part of the day was having to leave early. This was by no means the companies fault just unfortunate that the weather wasn’t good to us and Travis got too cold. However, as stated before our tour guide was very understanding and helped us organize a lifte back to our hotel.

Review Boracay Adventures Island Hopping Tour

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