Calella will always be special to me, and here is why

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Calella is a town in South East Spain (kind of) close to the border with France. It is very close to the beautiful Barcelona and holidays to Calella are popular with tourists as a holiday destination. This is likely because of its proximity to the airports, cheap flights from within Europe and the wonderful heat and activities on offer here that make Calella holidays so popular. This, however, is not the reasons why Calella Costa Brava will always be special to me.

Our visit

I visited Calella in Spain with Travis and my Mum in June 2017. We picked Calella because my Mum knew the area well and it was close to the city. It was also cheaper to get hotels in Calella than in the city. No other reason. We arrived by bus from Barcelona to Calella town on Wednesday 13th of June and checked into our hotel. We spent a few days relaxing and exploring here and made trips into Barcelona to explore too. It was really exciting to see such a well-known city up close and personal.

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Rewind 10 years…

10 years ago I used to play a lot of online games. I had no money so I joined a free online mmo called Fiesta. I ran about on my own but soon learned you could chat to other people and began to make friends. I was a bit of a crazy character and would run around in maps way above my level. I was doing just this one day when another played called SANDROIP13 came up to me and saved me from dying at the hands of a bunch of higher level monsters.

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calella costa brava
Sandro and my Mum

SANDROIP13 became one of my best friends and we started to chat all of the time and got to know each other well over the next few years. We always remained good friends and stayed in touch throughout the ten year until now.

Forward 10 years…

He recently told me he would be coming to Barcelona from Peru and wondered if I could make it for a visit. We had been planning on some European travel anyway and the flights were cheap to Costa Brava so we booked to go. I had always promised to visit him in Peru but never had the money so this seemed like the right time.

calella costa brava
Travis at Calella beach

Calella Costa Brava

He was staying in nearby Sabadell. His friend, who he was staying with, brought him to Calella Costa Brava to meet us and we finally met after so long. Happy to announce that neither of us were Catfish, though we always joked about it for years. We exchanged gifts that were local to our countries. Sandro (his real name) brought is Pisco and Chullo hats from Peru and I gave him Shortbread, Aberdeen Angus crisps and Soor Plooms. He loved them!

calella costa brava
Me with the Pisco bottle

The first meeting

Sandro took the three of us to dinner near Calella beach and after we had a drink together and we enjoyed a nice chat and a catch up. We left it at that and had a quick drink in Barcelona before parting ways. A rather brief encounter but one I am sure will continue in the future.

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calella costa brava
Sandro and I

Calella Costa Brava will always be the first place I met my best friend, beside the ‘Moonlight Tomb’ of course!

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Why I loved Calella Costa Brava #travel #spain
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I will never forget Calella Costa Brava... and this is the reason why #travel #spain
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