Canary Island holidays with a teething baby

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So you are thinking about taking your teething child out on a Canary Island holidays. Maybe you are actually already out there and have tumbled upon this post in a desperate attempt to find a way to help them. If you are like me you have gone out there with a head full or air expecting it to be easy to find what you do back home.

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This is the problem. There was more of a language barrier than I had expected. I guess a lot of people in the UK learn some Spanish at school or pick it up when they travel with family. That wasn’t me. I had been to Thailand earlier in there year where, because of my ignorance, they had been really helpful and all knew some basic English. This wasn’t always the case when we visited Fuerteventura and it became rather confusing at times when I struggled to explain more strange terms to them.

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This blog documents the advice I have for people taking teething babies out to the Canary Islands.

Learn some Spanish words

This may sound stupid or obvious but believe me it will help you out. When I was struggling out there all I could think was how handy it would have been to bring my phrase book! Here are some suggestions;

Teething – dentición

Teeth – dientes

Sore – dolorido

Now these are very basic but they could save you a world of pain in a hard moment!

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Where to find calpol

So in the UK we can find calpol in any good supermarket. How oblivious was I when I found out that, after a rather strange conversation which included a lot of hand gestures and rubbing my jaw, Spanish supermarkets do not sell pain relief! I was totally baffled. We hunted many supermarkets before I decided to try and ask… to be told to try the Pharmacy! Duh! I am not sure why this was not more obvious to me but it should have been.

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Ice Cream:Your new best friend

Feed your child lots and lots of ice cream. The heat makes their red cheeks flame up even more and it can really uncomfortable for them. Letting them eat more ice lollies than normal is going to make your days a lot easier, believe me!

Aloe Vera

The Spanish are mad for Aloe Vera, you will find it almost everywhere you look. You will not struggle to find products containing it as they sell it at almost every store, the markets and even the airport.

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I must confess I didn’t use the Canarian stuff though, I swear by Forever Livings Aloe Vera Gelly because the Aloe is stabilised and kept alive so its much more effective at doing what it needs to do. This means its so much more soothing for your kid, helps with healing the gums and ulcers really quickly and it is totally safe to be ingested too.

Canary Island holidays
The Aloe Vera plant

The added bonus is the Gelly also treats your sunburn and bites (along with cuts, rashes and bruises) so it is handy to have in your bag anyway. A little tip – if its for teething (or sunburn) keep it in the fridge, its even more soothing when cooled! You can purchase our stuff online right here!

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It isn’t easy at the best of times to take care of a teething baby. One thing I can say for sure is it’s much harder in a foreign country. Be prepared and you will manage.

If you have any other tips for people struggling with teething in the Canary Islands please get in touch so I can add them!

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