Review: Cannock Holiday Inn

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Hotel: Cannock Holiday Inn

Date: Dec 2nd, 2016

Room: Standard Double Room


We arrived at the Cannock Holiday Inn later on in the evening on the Friday. It was already dark outside. It was really hard to find parking. The hotel was quite big with lots of restaurants and other shops nearby, with nowhere near enough parking for them all. Check in happened quickly and we were quickly let down to find out we were not allowed to visit the Skybar as it had been privately booked out. This was gutting because this was one of the main reasons we had picked this hotel after missing out in Bangkok. We decided to go to bed early and left early the next morning. We managed to check out super early and were please to see the staff were nearby to help with this.

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Cannock Holiday Inn
The bright Holiday Inn lights outside the bedroom


The Holiday Inn is very close to the M6 which brings you down from Manchester , or in our case, Scotland. We drove down from Scotland earlier that day and managed to find it right off the motorway, which was a relief after a long drive down. Birmingham was only a short drive from the hotel, and we were attending an event at the Birmingham Genting Arena, which took less than an hour to get to. There is lots of stores nearby, such as Sainburys, Sports Direct and many, many more. There are lots of options for eating nearby too.


The room was very clean and comfortable. I took a while to get to sleep, but David was out like a log within no time. The bed was comfortable and well dressed.

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We did not meet many people while we were here, as we arrived late and left early. We did see a lot of people coming and going as we checked in and they seemed to be well dressed and heading off in taxis to somewhere more exciting. There were a lot of families running about, I assume for the event in the Skybar.

My favourite part

I loved the location and proximity to Birmingham. This was the perfect location for us to quickly get into the city the next morning. It was also an ideal location for people driving down from Scotland, looking to get to somewhere quick to get a good nights rest.

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Cannock Holiday Inn
Birmingham wasn’t far to travel

My least favourite part

We were really gutted that we were not warned that the Skybar would be closed off to guests. We had planned to have a drink or two before bed and would have liked to know this before we checked in, as its likely we would have chosen another hotel.

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Cannock Holiday Inn
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