Review: Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura

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Restaurant: Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura

Location: On the waterfront in Corralejo

Date: December 2016


We found this place while we walked along the coast line exploring the town. It had tables outside so looked like a great place to enjoy breakfast while enjoying the views out to sea.

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The tables were low and had sofa-type seats. This looked comfortable but in reality it was nightmare with a fidgety child. The tables and seats were clean and well kept. There was a lot of sun coming on to us so Travis was getting over heated while we sat here.


Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura is right beside the sea in Corralejo town. You can check them out on Facebook they have a very active page where you can find cool videos and location information.


The food was really nice here. David had a full breakfast and Travis and I shared a Nutella croissant. Both were absolutely delicious and we would go back for more if we were still in the area.

Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura
Nutella croissants are the best


We were the only people in the cafe at the time except a friendly old dog. I have noticed from the videos on Facebook that a lot of holiday-makers go here to enjoy drinks and dinner in the sun. It usually looks really lively and a good place to enjoy a drink or two.

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My favourite part

I fell in love with the view here. So beautiful I did not want to leave. I’d eat breakfast here every single day if I had the choice.

Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura
The view out to sea

My least favourite part

The only thing that I did not like was the seating. It was so hard to have a child here and with the seating being low he was up and down, on and off the seats. It was annoying and the whole reason we ended up leaving quickly. It was also cramped and hard to have our small buggy beside us.

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