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The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo 16

Review: The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo

Restaurant: The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo Location: Calle La Galera, Corralejo Date: December 19th, 2016 Overview The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo was under a marquee type tent. It had been on our radar all week because we...

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Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale 18

Review: Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale

Restaurant: Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale Location: Av. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen in Corralejo Date: December, 2016 Overview Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale was absolutely our favourite thing about Fuerteventura. We went here almost every single...

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El Pijaro Corralejo 20

Review: El Pijaro Corralejo

Restaurant: El Pijaro Corralejo Location: Corralejo, Fuerteventura Date: December 2016 Overview El Pijaro Corralejo was on the corner of the main street and the street of our hotel, the Maxorata Beach Apartments. Many times we walked...

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Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura 0

Review: Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura

Restaurant: Cantante Cafe Fuerteventura Location: On the waterfront in Corralejo Date: December 2016 Overview We found this place while we walked along the coast line exploring the town. It had tables outside so looked like a great...

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best pizza in corralejo 0

Review: Restaurante San Borondón

Restaurant: Restaurante San Borondón Location: Calle La Galera, Corralejo Date: December 11th, 2016 Overview Restaurante San Borondón was a chance find with us during our time in Corralejo. We stumbled across it when exploring the...

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Restaurante SAntiga Barbería 33

Review: Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería

Restaurant: Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería Location: By the marina in Ibiza Town Date: April 2017 Overview We picked Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería at random as we tried to find somewhere to eat quickly before Travis woke from his nap....

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