Changing bag essentials for traveling kids

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If you are as crazy as us you will be considering, or already, travelling with kids. We have given a lot of thought to what we need to have in our changing bag and have come up with a few essentials for travelling kids.

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The bag

The bag is as important as the contents. I spent a lot of time mulling over what changing bag to get, long before I ever decided to take my son travelling. After lots, and lots of research I picked the Babymel Amanda Quilted Diaper Bag – Black. I bought mine through Amazon so if you have prime

This bag has lots of compartments so its easy to keep everything separated. Keeping things separate is exactly what you need when you are traveling with a kid. Things need to be quickly accessible and easy to grab in a hurry. The bag also offers a compartment for bottles. It can keep a bottle of warm milk warm for hours!

essentials for traveling kids

Sun lips

If you are taking your little one abroad you really need to consider lip care aswell as skin protection. So many people forget about the lips, but I bet they are the first part of your body you notice getting dehydrated. This Sun lipbalm actually had UV protection, the first lipbalm I have seen with sun protection and the healing and moisturizing properties provided by aloe vera.

traveling with kids
How do you aloe’s Sun Lips

Aloe lips

So I understand you may be wondering why I have both the sun lips and aloe lips… But I just love both. Travis loves using the aloe lips and it can be used in both hot and cold weathers. What I am trying to stay is it protects your lips in both hot and cold climates. Plus the jojoba smells glorious.

traveling with kids
Aloe lips

The aloe lips also has cleaning and healing properties which means its the perfect mini first aid stick. You can quickly rub it over small cuts and bruises to promote quick healing. Also, if you (the adult!) plan to get a tattoo abroad this is a great alternative to expensive nappy ointments or bulky Vaseline tubs.

Water bottle

Always keep a water bottle handy. If you an pick one and stick to it your child will become familiar with it and will enjoy using it. You also want to be getting as much water as possible into your kids while you travel to avoid all the dangers that come with being in hot climates.

We picked up this one Sistema Twist ‘n’ Sip BPA Free Water Bottle, 460 ml – Blue in Fuerteventura and its perfect. The top screws off making it easy to re-fill and screws back on tightly to avoid leaks. The bottle uses a screw function to open and close which makes it easy for a child to learn to use for themselves.

Aloe Vera Gelly

This Aloe Gelly is as close to natural Aloe Vera that you can find in a tube. It is almost identical to the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis plant. As a changing bag essential this baby offers you;

A nappy rash cream

Skin rash cream

Chafing lubricant

Soothes bites

essentials for traveling kids
Aloe Vera Gelly

Soothes bruises

Soothes broken skin and cuts

Promotes healing of cuts

Works as a teething gel

Soothes sunburn

Soothes sore throats

Soothes ulcers

…and so much more. You can try this on almost anything and see results. We used it on impetigo from Fuerteventura, and I have had friends use it on hand, foot and mouth contracted in Scotland.

The ‘don’t lose me’ clip

This little clip is a life saver. We have used it on cups, books, toys and much more. It has a crocodile clip at one end and a popper clip at the other end.

essentials for traveling kids
Oh Sew Angies ‘don’t lose me’ clip

We buy ours from Oh Sew Angie because her designs are awesome and she really listens to what you want. She is based in the Scottish Borders.

essentials for traveling kids
Not losing Travis’ cup!

You can clip things to almost anything, we have used it to attach cups to the car seat, the buggy and to Travis’ clothes. Super handy when he feels like chucking his cup in the car, but wants it back a few minutes later.

A good book

We love love love Usborne books. Part of the fun is shopping for these books. We have a representative in our area who comes around and throws us book parties. She is really fantastic and will give every person personalized advice about what books will best suit the kiddies they are buying for. It can be super overwhelming to buy books as gifts for children when you feel completely lost about what they should be reading at their age.

If you are in the Scottish Borders you can contact our representative Amanda and she will happily throw a party for you. In the comfort of your own home too.

essentials for traveling kids
That’s not my dinosaur

Amanda suggested the ‘Thats not my…’ book series for Travis and she was absolutely spot on. This book range have different feelings and textures for the kids to touch as they work their way through the book. A good and amusing book is a handy thing to have in your kids bag to keep them occupied during otherwise boring times.

A teething toy

Kids teeth for so long that its always a good idea to have a teething toy in their bag. This makes it another of our essentials for traveling kids. You never want to be caught off guard without a teething toy when you really need one. We found this out in Fuerteventura when Travis has four teeth push through within a week… On that note there are some other things you should know about taking a teething child to The Canary Islands.

This Nuby Ice Bite Teether Keys toy is really cool because even a slightly older child will find it amusing because you can make a game out of it.

These are the essentials we pack when taking our 1 year old abroad. What are yours?


Changing bag essentials for traveling kids #travel
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  • These are great and I used almost all when my kids were little. I never had a clip to catch things; that would have been helpful!! Another thing I always had was a self-feeding spoon. It was amazing and was an easy way to feed the baby baby-food one handed wherever we were!

  • As a Dad that travels with his young kids often, these are some great suggestions. Mine are 6 and 2, so we don’t need the young baby items, but some of the others are still relevant. For example, my 6 year old son always brings a couple of books with him whenever we travel. It helps with reading comprehension for school and is a great way to pass time while waiting for the plane and is a nice alternative vs. watching movies or playing games on the iPad the whole flight. – Lee

    • That is true Lee. Our son is almost two now to the bag develops a little each time. Totally agree about books, you cannot always rely on the TV or iPad to last the whole flight too so it is good to have an alternative.

  • We love the ‘that’s not my…’ books. Fab idea with the clip, our little one is always chucking his sippy cup!

  • What a stylish bag. When my kids where little they did not have options as nice as this. It is great to see the industry adapt and provide stylish and practical bags. I also really love the don’t lose me clip. What a genius idea and I wish I would have had one. Would have been a life saver for sure.

    • It is so handy, we use it in the car a lot because he likes to throw his cup then cries when he can’t get it. Saves a lot of tears

  • This is a really practical list of key items any mother would need! Thank you for also making it easy by including helpful links directly to the products as well. I will be looking into some of these items for sure.

  • I am def passed this point -and diaper bags are alot more stylish than 8 years ago! I always had diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a little toy… i cant even remember what else?!?!?!?!? nursing cover???

  • These are all really great items to pack, and I love that the bag is so useful but still looks chic! We don’t have kids (won’t for a while still); however, we’d love to travel with them someday. Also, I have to say, the Oh Sew Angies clip is genius! My mother was always losing things when we traveled as a family. This would’ve come in handy for the little ones! 🙂

  • Very helpful tips for family with small kids. Travelling with small kid requires lots of planning. Your blog helps in organizing things.

  • Very helpful guide for those traveling with kids! That “don’t lose me” clip is genius, I could personally use something like that for the things I always lose day-to-day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Very informative article. When on the road, you don’t really notice it when things go right and you have what you need but you sure can notice if you are missing one small thing. Being prepared ahead of time helps eliminate those moments.

  • This is great! I have a 5 month old grandaughter and my daughter ( her Momma ) is always forgetting things!!! Thanks and I will be bookmarking to come back to this!

  • I don’t have kids right now, but I can’t imagine how hard it is to travel with them. These are all great tips in helping to save you in stressful situations. I would need a good travel bag to keep me organized and stress free. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this list! I retail Forever products too as, like you, love them! I never leave the house without an Aloe Lips and Aloe Gelly x

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