Review: Charm Beach Resort

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Hotel: Charm Beach Resort

Date: May 11th-16th, 2016

Room: Standard Quadrouple Room/Standard Double Room

Our hut at Charm Beach Resort
Our hut at Charm Beach Resort


We turned up at this hotel because it was near the school where we wanted to learn how to dive. We told the employee who met us on reception about the diving. He went out of his way right away to bring an instructor to meet us. We spent the first few nights in a big double room with our friend. But early morning dives and noisy German neighbours wasn’t working out too well for us. We mentioned it to the hotel who happily moved us to a quieter spot. The new room was a hut right on the beach and it was beautiful.

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The rooms were simple and comfortable. We found them to be really clean and well kept.


Charm Beach Resort is in Baan Tai and is literally on the beach. From either of our rooms we only took seconds to be toe-deep in gorgeous sand. The views from here were so beautiful and we could see right over to Koh Samui. The main street was a few minutes walk away and we found there to be plenty restaurants, shops, a market and even a Muay Thai gym really close by.

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Charm Beach Resort
The beach at Charm Beach Resort


When it comes to the hotel we slept just fine. Sadly a few nights we were kept up by people partying all night at the pool, but just simply ask for a room away from the pool and it won’t be a problem.

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Charm Beach Resort double room
The double room


We met a few different types here. Like I say we did meet a few people who just wanted to party all night long, but we also met couples who were relaxing. A lot of people here were learning to dive, or had just learnt to dive. Lots of people from nearby hotels came to the beach bar to meet others to join at the Half Moon party too. The owner has children who were playing nearby so I believe it is family friendly too.

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My favourite part

I loved the people we met here. The guy who worked here called Bond was the nicest person. He moved us rooms, told David the football news and scores, got us food, called our diving instructors for us and even booked our night train tickets and brought them to us at the diving school. He was one of a kind.

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Charm Beach Resort
The bar area at Charm Beach Resort

My least favourite part

The only thing which was really ‘bad’ here was the noisy guests so it was not a fault of the hotel. We also found the wifi to be really poor and really inconsistent so I wouldn’t stay here if you need internet for work.

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The balcony on the hut at Charm Beach Resort
The balcony on the hut


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  • Wow, such beautiful place! Resorts like this are perfect place for enjoying the good life. Thailand is amazing when it comes to this, you must have been a really good time there.

  • That’s the thing, noisy guests are the worse. We usually get such experience mostly in inexpensive places, it’s like respect of other guests is not important 🙁 Seems like a great place though and that you enjoyed your time pretty much!

  • I guess if you want to relax you need a place away from the pool and close to the beach. There must be a few Thai boxers staying in the hotel as well and I’m sure these guys want to relax after exercising all day. The location it’s in seems perfect for partying too so I guess there will always be a lot of drinkers!

    • Yeah exactly! I think you will find that all over Koh Phangan to be fair right? We got moved to the beach and it was super relaxing

  • I love when staff are happy to accommodate you and switch your rooms! Too many times I’ve met with problems (noisy neighbours, bugs, broken furniture etc.) and the staff’s response has been to just deal with it. This sounds like the perfect place to relax, especially when you got the beach hut!

  • Looks like a beautiful place to stay. I love to stay in places right on the beach and just chill out. I haven’t tried diving am not too great with water but I would certainly chill on the beach or try some snorkelling in the area. Always good too when the staff are so helpful, makes your trip.

  • Such a beautiful place. It’s a shame that I have yet not been to Thailand despite its proximity to my country India. Thailand is known for lovely properties such as these. I can imagine how amazing it would be to spend evenings by the beach.

  • Oh this place looks so enjoyable. Such a pity about terrible guests. Some people make a lovely hotel an absolutely nightmare.

  • It was nice that they were able to accommodate your request to be transferred to a quieter place. I would not be able to relax if I’d be sleeping in a room near to a group of noisy guests. The beach looks lovely and peaceful. I also like the hut. It is simple and comfortable.

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