My top hacks to get cheap airline tickets

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I have become a bit of a travel addict recently. Pairing that with being an internet addict means I have come across a fair few hacks to get cheap airline tickets. Some are pretty simple and some are more complex. So feel free to take away only a few tips, or try them all if you feel a bit more confident.

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Check deal sites

My first tip is to always check deal sites like Holiday Pirates. They find some amazing deals and even regularly find airfare errors which can see you flying for pennies. They also post cool combinations for multi-city travel which can really inspire you to go a bit further. The deals on here are really amazing and last year I went on two within a week of each other.

cheap airline tickets
Check for deals

I will also add that they often add cheap hotel deals for fancy places which you can book without having to book the flight in the deal. This means the airfare is really flexible as they usually aren’t package deals so you can grab only the flight if you want.

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Check credit cards

Check if there are any flyer bonuses for joining credit cards. You could rack up a huge amount of miles for your next trip by booking your flight on a reward card which earns miles per £1 spent. You may also earn a big enough bonus to book your flight totally free, or upgrade to business class. Worth a look right?

cheap airline tickets
Check what cards might give you miles

Some cards even offer a free flight as the bonus for signing up. I managed to get a free flight for the future by signing up to the Flybe credit card.

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Check Skyscanner

So you know where you want to go? Great. Put the details into Skyscanner and see what the lowest offer is. This is better than searching one airline because you are given was more options, and probably way more price options than you saw just with one carrier.

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So you are flexible about where you could go? Also great! You can literally check ‘Everywhere’ on Skyscanner. I done this trick recently to get myself a £30 return flight to Ibiza from Edinburgh. Edinburgh isn’t always the cheapest airport the fly from the in the UK so I am always really happy to get a great deal from there.

Check the carriers own site

Check the carriers own site to see if the price on Skyscanner was the lowest they can offer. You also might find special deals on the carriers own site too. This happened to me when booking with Ryanair. Instead of taking my son as a lap-infant I was offered a deal to get him his own seat if we reserved our seats at the time. Usually reserving a seat on a budget airline hikes up the price. In this case there were some seats on deal, and we were saving on my sons airfare by taking this option so we actually saved a few £ to get him his very own seat.

Joining your favourite airlines mailing list

Airlines often send out special fares and discount by email to aid in getting cheap airline tickets. Often if you do not book for a while they will send you discount codes to lure you back in too. Always worth a shot!

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Check Google ITA

You can use Google ITA to search flights. On this option you can change the city you are booking from. This can sometimes save you money on cheap airline tickets if you change the city from somewhere ‘rich’ to somewhere poorer. For example I changed my booking city from Edinburgh to Bangkok for a random journey I had input and it was going to save me £8. You can (I have heard, never done it myself) save yourself hundreds of pounds using this method though!

Google for coupons

Check Google for coupons. You can search the airlines name and ‘voucher’ or ‘code’ to see if anything come up. This probably won’t happen with many budget airlines but bigger ones do often have deal codes floating around the internet.

cheap airline tickets
Save some money on your airfares

These are some of my hacks to get cheap airline tickets, though I am still learning. Do you know of any more?

My top hacks to get cheap airline tickets #travel
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The best way to find cheap airline tickets #travelhacks
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