Chiang Mai things to do: Grand Canyon

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Our arrival in Chiang Mai was sort of by accident. The whole trip planned out, we knew where we should be and when. This was going to give us the time to plan what to see in each place. WRONG. The flight was booked to Chiang Rai as we sat in Edinburgh airport with a few drinks, waiting to board the first flight to Doha. And that is how we ended up in Chiang Mai…Oops. We had to find Chiang Mai things to do and fast!

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Chiang Mai things to do
Tuk tuk in Chiang Mai

Finding things to do

We were not sure exactly what we would do in Chiang Mai. While reading a magazine in the lobby of our hotel, the Chiangmai Holiday Inn, I stumbled across an article about the Grand Canyon. Perfect!

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Heading to the Grand Canyon

A Tuk Tuk picked us up the next day the next day and set off. The total cost was 700baht as he took us there, waited a few hours and then took us home afterward. This was a sweet deal as there weren’t Tuk Tuks waiting to take people home.

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This place was something else. I had never seen anything so beautiful and glorious. Massive crevices carved into the giant rock walls. They were filled with gorgeous blue water which was just calling our name! We headed down the path which led to the water. It looks like this place was an old mine and this road led the carts down to work. The water was so inviting. Such a relief from the unrelenting heat we had been temple hunting in all morning.

Chiang Mai things to do
The Canyon

Cliff jumping

So we had heard that this place was popular with thrill seekers who liked to jump off the cliff into the beautiful blue pools below. The Tuk Tuk driver, however, had worryingly asked us to please not jump. He told us that two months before a Korean had jumped to his death in the Canyon. Well this set me off – no wayyyy was I jumping.

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Things changed quickly when I got there, it looked AWESOME. I let David and Jock jump it first. They came back to our lounger when Jock said in a worrying tone ‘I don’t know about you DJ (David) but I have a serious problem here.’ People turned to him asking if he was okay… ‘Well??’ we asked. . He looked embarrassed, his new Thai shorts had completely ripped apart and everything, I mean everything, was hanging out on show! I had to donate my short shorts to him for the rest of the day! Ha! He did get some funny looks.

Oh, the cliffs around 30 feet high!

Chiang Mai things to do
Jock in my shorts

My turn to jump

It was my turn to jump next. A rather nervous girl told me I could jump before her – oh no, my turn came even quicker. I ran and jumped before I could talk myself out of it.

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Halfway down the nerves kicked in, what happens now?? Davids voice played over in my head ‘Make a pencil shape with your body when you hit the water.’ ‘Oh yeah, make a pencil’ I thought to myself, but boom. Too late. I hit the water sitting and felt like I’d torn my bum cheeks apart! Oh no. I was sure I would need to see a doctor. Luckily for me the pain eased by the time we swam to the bank to climb out. We headed back to our lounger to meet back up with Jock.

Chiang Mai things to do
Loungers at the Canyon

Making friends

We relaxed here for a while longer taking in the breathtaking views. We even managed to make a few more friends here. There was a Scottish guy who admitted he had been travelling so long that our Scottish accents sounded foreign to him! Another two dudes who were completely bonkers decided to have a ‘who can do the worst dive’ competition.

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Chiang Mai tornado

Soon a mini tornado hit the canyon and the sand swirled up around us and trees collapsed into the rails around the canyon. We quickly found our Tuk Tuk and made our way back to the hotel!

Chiang Mai things to do
The gorgeous Canyon

Have you got any tips on exciting Chiang Mai things to do ?

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