Chiang Mai with Kids

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Travelling around the world with kids is one of the best things you can do. We have travelled all over the world with Travis but in this article, I am primarily going to talk about being in Chiang Mai with kids. What there is to do in Chiang Mai with kids. Good places to eat that are kids friendly. All this information will help make your trip a little easier when planning but also a lot easier on a day to day basis in Chiang Mai. To read more about travel with baby or toddler guide click here!

Chiang Mai With Kids

Chiang Mai with kids
Wat Phra

When planning a trip with kids, we have found there has to be something scheduled everyday that interests Travis. We believe that’s what will give him the best possible experience of being in Chiang Mai but also will prevent him from being bored and ultimately prevent him being naughty. Kind of like creating a Chiang Mai bucketlist for families who are staying in Chiang Mai with kids.

Activities In Chiang Mai With Kids

Comparison Table Of Activities

Below you will see a comparison table of some awesome activities you can do with kids whilst in Chiang Mai. This table will allow you to see the best activity that is suited to your budget as well have an awesome day with the family.

NameTransport Included (Y/N)PriceOur Rating (/5)
Rafting with 8AdventuresYCheck4.4
Chiang Mai Night SafariYCheck4.6
Art In ParadiseNCheck4.8
Baan Thai Cooking ClassYCheck4.5
Tube Trek Water ParkNCheck4.6

Rafting with 8Adventures

Chiang mai with kids

A great fun activity for the whole family. First of all, don’t be alarmed if you have never done this before. The coaches are world-renowned professional coaches so you are in good hands. The training you will receive will be more than adequate for the experience you are going to have. A 10 km raft down the river Mae Taeng. This is surrounded by natural beauty at its best. Click here to buy your family package with a discount now.

Chiang Mai Night Safari

When on the Chiang Mai night safari be sure to stay alert. There are a huge amount of animals to see here, in all shapes and sizes. Actually 1400 animals which are 134 different species to be exact. The great thing about attending the night safari is that the majority of animals you will see are nocturnal, meaning they only come out at night time. Click here to get your tickets at a discount here.

Art In Paradise

Chiang mai with kids

We were blown away with Art In Paradise. What a truly inspiring place to visit. At Art In Paradise you will find some breathtaking works of art. These are magnificent paintings, some of which can be an optical illusion and look like something completely different than what you first thought. It really is a great family day out. Click here to get your tickets to this amazing day out on a discounted price now.

Baan Thai Cooking Class

Chiang mai with kids

Wouldn’t it be great to make the exact traditional Thai dishes you love? Well then a great one day cooking class is exactly what your family need. This will consist of being picked up and dropped of at your hotel which saves money and the hassle of finding transport, going to the local market to pick your ingredients and then getting to learn dishes such as pad thai, green curry and spring rolls. Some great lifelong skills and recipes to be learned. To make all of this even more amazing, you will be taught by a local professional chef. Click here to buy your cooking class at a discounted price.

Tube Trek Water Park

Chiang mai with kids

Looking for a day full of fun and laughter? A day at Chiang Mai’s first world-class water park is exactly what you and the family need. A day of de-stress from all that travelling and just have a blast. The water park has four different zones all packed full of amazing and fun things to do. There are many many trained lifeguards here so safety really isn’t an issue. Across the park there is artificial wave machines you can surf on if you are a keen surfer, there is also many great slides for the people who buzz of adrenaline and also pools if you want to just relax. Click here to buy your day pass at a discounted price.

Guided Tours And Sightseeing For Families

Comparison Table of Guided Tours And Sightseeing

Below you will see a comparison table that compares the best guided tours and sightseeing tours against one another to enable you to identify the best option for your budget and for your families experience.

NameTransport Included (Y/N)PriceOur Rating
Doi Inthanon National ParkYCheck4.8
Chiang Rai And The Golden TriangleYCheck4.5
Mae Ping River ExperienceYCheck4.9
Chiang Mai Mountain Elephant SanctuaryYCheck5.0
Chiang Mai Guided Street Food TourYCheck4.5

Doi Inthanon National Park

Chiang mai with kids

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Thailand. The natural beauty of the land is wonderful to see. There are a few very cool things to you get to see whist on your journey through the national park, one being Wachiritharn Waterfall. Waterfalls in general are beautiful to see but the Wachiritharn Waterfall really is something you would only see in a movie, really really beautiful. Another very cool thing you can do is go to Thailand’s highest point. This is quite a cool achievement and one worth doing. The view from the top will stay with you forever. Lastly on the way through Doi Inthanon National Park is you can see some Karen and Hmong villages, meet the locals as well. This is a great way to see traditional Thai culture. Click here to buy your day pass at a discounted price now.

Chiang Rai And The Golden Triangle

Chiang mai with kids

This is a very popular tourist attraction. The Golden Triangle is a point in which Thailand, Laos and Myanmar all meet together. Some other cool things on this guided tour is check out the Maekhajan Hot Springs, and of course get a brew while you are there. One of the best features about this tour is you get the chance to go on boat ride along the famous Mekong River and see the beautiful Laotian island of Don Sao. Furthermore along the journey of this tour you get to see the famous White Temple between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Finally probably the best part of the tour for someone who loves enjoying and experiencing different cultures is meeting some of the Akh and Yao Hill Tribesman and tribeswoman in their villages. Such a fantastic experience. Click here to get your day pass at a discounted price here.

Mae Ping River Experience

This is one of the best experiences you will experience in the whole time you will stay in Chiang Mai and out of everything you will participate in. Here you will see the true, authentic culture and relaxed, Chiang Mai way of life. Whilst on this experience you get to visit one of Chiang Mai’s oldest temple communities and see how monks live on a day to day basis. After this you get to have lunch at a tradition Thai farm. Lunch is a bowl of the famous Khao soy. For those who don’t know this is a traditional Thai noodle soup for the North of Thailand. Lastly you get to cruise the Mae Ping River on a long-tail boat and get to witness first hand what happens on a daily basis on the busy banks of the river. Click here to get your day pass at a discounted price here.

Chiang Mai Mountain Elephant Sanctuary

Chiang mai with kids

First of all I would like to recommend the Chiang Mai Mountain Elephant Sanctuary if you are going to see Elephants while in Chiang Mai. There is no animal cruelty here, by that I mean no riding, no hooks and no chains. This company will give you a round trip of picking you up and dropping you off so no stress of finding any transport. Another reason why this company are fantastic is they only take small groups on at a time, which means a lot of time to spend with the Elephants. One of the best activities out of the whole day is you get to take a bath or have a mud spa in the river with these majestic creatures. Click here to get your day pass with the Elephants at a discounted rate here.

Chiang Mai Guided Street Food Tour

Chiang mai with kids

This is a very fun experience for the whole family. Enjoy a night of eating food from all the street food stands at the Chiang Mai night market. Some of this food will be the best you will ever have in Chiang Mai. Further more you can have some drinks at the, full of fun, bus bar located near the river. Lastly check out Wat Chedi Luang temple. Click here to get your food tour tickets at a discounted price now.

Other Great Things To Do In Chiang Mai With Kids

  1.  Shop at the Chiang Mai night bazaar. This is an absolute must do for every Chiang Mai family traveller. The market is enormous, spanning streets and leaking into little alleyways and open spaces. You are bound to find an awesome bargain or ten here.

    Chiang mai with kids

  2. Chiang Mai Zoo is arguably the best zoo in Thailand. Chiang Mai zoo is really impressive and family friendly. There is a huge variety of animals to see here as well as a huge aquarium for a little extra when buying your ticket. As a family travelling in Chiang Mai this place needs to be on your list of things to do. NOTE: The zoo is huge, you can hire buggies or take a car to make it easier. There is also an aquarium at the zoo which is really cool.

    Chiang Mai family
    Check out the zoo
  3. Eat at one of the night markets. We loved the Sunday walking market and found some amazing food for so little money. Our favourite were the waffles with numerous toppings. We had Oreos, Nutella and banana and caramel and banana. We will be going back for more before we leave that is for sure.
  4. Within Chiang Mai’s Old City, there is numerous temples and monuments to see. So spending a day here temple hopping and seeing the monuments is a must do.
  5. Spending a day at the Chiang Mai Canyon. We done this on our last trip and loved it, so we really want to show Travis this incredible attraction to visit.
  6.  Visit Monkey Centre. This is great fun for the kids.
  7. Chiang Mai family travel should also include a visit to the butterfly farm just outside of the city.
  8. Although Tiger Kingdom gets a bad name… if you have kids lets be honest, they will absolutely love seeing the tigers (or RAWWWRS as Travis calls them) up close and personal.

    Chiang Mai family
    Tiger Kingdom is fun for the kids
  9. Visit the gates of the Old City. The ruins are incredible and so much fun to explore.
  10. Walk around the Old City and take in the wonderful street art.
  11. Get your feet nibbled on by fish. This is something you can try anywhere in Thailand.
  12. Enjoy the lantern festival. If you go to the proper one everything is free. The more touristy one they ask you to pay. This is held at the start of November each year and sees incredible numbers of lanterns and lights consume the city.

We hope that this kids travel guide to travelling Chiang Mai with kids will help. Check out this guide for how to spend three days in Chiang Mai.

Chiang mai with kids
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