Review: Chokdee Steak Chiangmai

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Restaurant: Chokdee Steak Chiangmai

Location: Beside the Holiday Inn Chiangmai

Date: May 3rd 2016


Chokdee Steak Chiangmai was a place we found right outside of our hotel. We were hungry and just wanted to eat as quickly as possible. We found the inside to be clean and tidy. The staff barely spoke any English, actually make that none. That wasn’t a problem as we just pointed to the menu and the waitress did her best to get us what we wanted. They were really nice about the language barrier.

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This was mainly a steak house so David ordered steak and I had a Thai spaghetti and pork dish. The prices here were so, so low. It was the cheapest meal we had had so far and the steaks were huge. Way more than worth the cost.


Chokdee Steak Chiangmai is right beside the Chiangmai Holiday Inn that we were staying in. This is near the river outside of the Old Town.


The majority of the menu at Chokdee Steak Chiangmai was steak. I don’t really eat steak so I had a spaghetti dish. The guys absolutely loved and devoured their steaks. My spaghetti was okay, I probably would eat it again but if I had the choice I’d try something else!

Chokdee Steak Chiangmai


No one else was here while we were in. I get the feel from the place that it is usually locals who eat here, which also explains the price. The close proximity to a nice hotel suggests that probably a lot of the businessmen who frequent the hotel likely eat here too.

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My favourite part

I loved the location by the hotel. It was so easy to get to. The price was great too, we would have eaten there more often if we had been staying longer.

My least favourite part

The language barrier was an issue but only for a minute. They did their best to understand us and sent the girl who knew the most English to talk with us.

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Have you been to Chokdee steak Chiangmai?

Chokdee Steak Chiangmai
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If your in Chiang Mai, I would recommend trying this place, Chokdee Steak Chiangmai.
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  • Language bar at a restaurant can cause difficulties, I have faced them.
    Glad that all went well with you and you liked the place. 🙂

  • Interesting that a steak places offers spaghetti and that is really great! That way an entire party can visit even if someone isn’t into meat. We always travel with the kids and a various menu is important to us to make sure everyone can eat at the same place!! This looks like a must try. Love trying new foods on vacation.

  • A very thorough post and certainly, the steak looks fantastic. Certainly, given its proximity to the Holiday Inn, you would imagine that this place does quite a good trade but surprising that you found it empty when you arrived. Always nice to discover something that appears a little secret

  • Eating at a hotel frequented by locals is a great way to experience local culture. Chokdee Steak Chiangmai sounds like a nice place. Glad to know that the staff were helpful despite the language barrier.

  • I’m actually quite surprised there’s a steak restaurant in Chiang Mai geared towards locals and not tourists! Great that they do spaghetti dishes too – as a veggie I’d definitely appreciate that if all my friends wanted to get a steak.

  • I don’t eat steak often, but your entree sounds delicious. Sometimes I am so thankful for a restaurant close by my hotel, especially when it’s been a long day and you aren’t looking to venture too far!

    • Exactly! W were so hungry when we arrived we were thankful to see this place tucked away right outside. I do not eat steak either so I chose a spaghetti dish

  • I remember asking for chilled coconut water to a street hawker in Bangkok. I had to finally use Google Translate. Language barrier is at it’s worst when you are trying to find something to eat. Glad it worked out well for you guys.

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