Clubbing in Bangkok

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So you want to go clubbing in Bangkok? Fantastic. There are literally endless choices for where to go. It really depends what you are looking for too. some places have a strict dress code and if you are in Bangkok as a backpacker who hasn’t brought their heels or smart shoes then your choices are more limited.

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If you want to play it safe then your best bet for clubbing in Bangkok is Khao San Road. Everybody and their Gran goes there when they go to Bangkok so you are bound to meet people and can get in anywhere even if you look like a total scruffbag.


This street is lined with choices. You literally could not drink in every bar on the street without ended up in a complete state. Every place can be pretty wild too, we were there on a Monday and the street was buzzing. Every single night is a good night out.

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Clubbing in Bangkok
The food and drinks at The Hub on Khao San Road

Try out The Hub, right across from the Rikka Inn. The staff here are wonderful. Lala took us on a bar crawl after his shift too which was pretty awesome. The food is great and the atmosphere is nice enough to be able to make new friends and have a conversation with them without over powering music. This is a great place to meet people to tag along clubbing in Bangkok.

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The Club

You can hear to a club cleverly named ‘The Club.’ We went here on more than one occasion and this would be my advice.

Do not go too early.

The first time we went we were there too early in the night. It was okay, I mean we weren’t the only ones there but it wasn’t crazy like you would expect in Bangkok.

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Clubbing in Bangkok
Tasha and David at ‘The Club’

If you go later, like we did on our next visit, the place will be BUZZING. The whole dance floor and stage were packed with people. You can get up and dance on the stage, which I did of course with my new Canadian friends. It was amazing. We had been pre-drinking though and we all had to retire to the hotel soon after this.

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You need to dance here. Let loose. Nobody cares if you look stupid or are wearing trainers. This would be such an issue back home but here is isn’t. It is a great place to meet people and even locals come here so that must account for something!

Have you got any recommendations for clubbing in Bangkok? Where is best for backpackers?

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If you need somewhere to stay on Khao San Road then your best bet is to check out Rikka Inn or Khaosan Palace!

Clubbing in Bangkok
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