Review: Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale

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Restaurant: Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale

Location: Av. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen in Corralejo

Date: December, 2016


Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale was absolutely our favourite thing about Fuerteventura. We went here almost every single day. Travis loved the ice cream to cool off, and David and I became hooked on the delicious flavours they had to offer… Kinder Bueno ice cream, I mean come on. Who wouldn’t get hooked, right?

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The gelateria had some seating so you could get into the shade for a while to enjoy your treat. There were joined with a restaurant next door who had free WiFi you could hook up to so since our apartment in Corralejo had limited connection we would catch up with friends and family on our visits here.


Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale was on what we called the “main street” – according to Google this is actually called Av. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen. It is the main long road which is lined with shops and goes all the way from the water park to the area by The Aberdeen Steak House which leads down to the beach.
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free things to do in corralejo
Corralejo “main street”

Ice Cream

There is not even a word for ice cream this delicious. Think Ben and Jerrys time a million. Our favourite was the Kinder Bueno though we also tried Ferrero Rocher, strawberry (pure berries blended up with ice mmm) and white chocolate with raspberry. Every single one was delicious and some were made without dairy.

Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale
Strawberry and Kinder Bueno pots

Actually there was a chat showing that almost anything someone could be allergic to, there were options around it. Even a small pot was filled to double its height, so even though the cost was a bit high, it was well worth it. I’d pay for one every single day if I lived there.

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There were a lot of families who stopped in here, some older, some younger. A lot of people stopped by on their way up and down the street, mainly tourists.

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My favourite part

The flavour options. I have never seen anything like this place before and I was amazed with the choices on offer.

My least favourite part

The staff did not really care about queues. If you weren’t persistent you would just lose your place by being polite and not surrounding the ice cream bar. Too many people came in and just shoved in front of us here and no one cared they just served those people first anyway.

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  • I don’t think there’s anything I love more than ice cream! I am a huge fan of white chocolate and I get it every time it’s available. I can’t believe they also have vegan options! It sucks that the line situation wasn’t ideal but it sounds like a great place to get some yummy ice cream!

  • I never felt the desire to go to Fuerteventura, but this year I’ve heard nothing but praise! Apparently the surf is awesome, and paired that with ice cream, what other reason is there?!

  • Great recommendation, it’s hard to imagine ice cream so much better than Ben and Jerry’s. I’m researching Ice Cream places to visit so this is definitely going on the list. It’s a shame the staff don’t care about long queues.

    • It is but typically there weren’t queues when we went, I’d check this place out for sure. Also check Caldwells in Innerleithen, Scotland. Very famous and delicious

  • What a cool little place you have found, how did you find it? It sounds like it has got very popular now and the staff have forgotten how to look after the customers! I will take on Ferrero Rocher thanks 🙂 Did I read right this is a surf community? Ice cream and surfing are my two fav things!!

    • We just happened to walk past it and went in. Such a great find. Yeah there is a huge surf community in Fuerteventura, lots of schools and people out surfing all the time 🙂

  • We love checking out all the different flavors and when you are on vacation you don’t have to worry about having a treat like this every single day! Needless to say the kids adore this idea!! LOL!! What an awesome place you found!

  • Oh this ice cream looks so delicious. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth and would visit daily too if I could! I love finding places like this when travelling.

  • Ice cream is seriously my weakness and need to try it all over the world! Sucks that they didn’t care too much about how long the lines were getting. Ice cream or not, no one wants to wait for it!!

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