Review: Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale

Coco Banana Gelateria Artigianale

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18 Responses

  1. Alice Chen says:

    I don’t think there’s anything I love more than ice cream! I am a huge fan of white chocolate and I get it every time it’s available. I can’t believe they also have vegan options! It sucks that the line situation wasn’t ideal but it sounds like a great place to get some yummy ice cream!

  2. I never felt the desire to go to Fuerteventura, but this year I’ve heard nothing but praise! Apparently the surf is awesome, and paired that with ice cream, what other reason is there?!

  3. Only By Land says:

    Great recommendation, it’s hard to imagine ice cream so much better than Ben and Jerry’s. I’m researching Ice Cream places to visit so this is definitely going on the list. It’s a shame the staff don’t care about long queues.

    • Natasha says:

      It is but typically there weren’t queues when we went, I’d check this place out for sure. Also check Caldwells in Innerleithen, Scotland. Very famous and delicious

  4. This place sounds amazing. How do you improve a gorgeous tropical island? Ice Cream, of course. We will definitely check out Coco Banana when on Fuerteventura.

  5. What a cool little place you have found, how did you find it? It sounds like it has got very popular now and the staff have forgotten how to look after the customers! I will take on Ferrero Rocher thanks 🙂 Did I read right this is a surf community? Ice cream and surfing are my two fav things!!

    • Natasha says:

      We just happened to walk past it and went in. Such a great find. Yeah there is a huge surf community in Fuerteventura, lots of schools and people out surfing all the time 🙂

  6. natalietanner says:

    We love checking out all the different flavors and when you are on vacation you don’t have to worry about having a treat like this every single day! Needless to say the kids adore this idea!! LOL!! What an awesome place you found!

  7. Jean says:

    Oh this ice cream looks so delicious. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth and would visit daily too if I could! I love finding places like this when travelling.

  8. tatumskipper says:

    Ice cream is seriously my weakness and need to try it all over the world! Sucks that they didn’t care too much about how long the lines were getting. Ice cream or not, no one wants to wait for it!!

  9. It is severely hot in Delhi in India and I am tempted to have an ice-cream now, like right now. 🙂

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