Cocoon Safari Mosquito Net Review

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Getting the perfect mosquito net

When travelling around the world, not anywhere in particular, you are always going to come across bugs that you just can’t get away from. For us here at Meldrums On The Move it is trying to avoid contact with mosquito’s in South East Asia. We have taken pretty reasonable precaustions when it comes to avoiding them, such as having the right repellent for adults and kids. We also try to stay away from wet marshy areas if possible as that’s where mosquito’s will predominantly be. However something we had a headache for a while about, was getting the perfect mosquito net to have round your bed at night so you can sleep without worrying about the nasty’s. Thankfully the cocoon safari mosquito net from First Ascent was perfect for the job.


Due to travelling as a three we had to get a big enough mosquito net to fit round a double bed at the very least. Luckily for us the one we got from Cocoon was perfect. It was enormous and will manage to fit in three people no problem.


This is always the number one reason for when people buy mosquito nets. Protection and prevention from being bitten from nasty’s. The protection on the cocoon safari mosquito net was excellent. The holes were super small giving excellent protection and it was not hard to breath in either.

How to set up

The cocoon safari mosquito net was very easily put together. You get two tent poles like poles which from the square roof. You then simply place all the edges round your bed and tie down with the ties provided. However here is the only flaw I came across. You then have to either screw a hook in the ceiling above the bed, which we weren’t allowed to do due to staying in hotels on our travels or you had to tie the roof to the ceiling above the bed to make it work. So due to this flaw we haven’t managed to use the mosquito net but I know I will definitely use it in the future.

All in all a very good safety device if your considering going travelling.

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Are you looking for the perfect mosquito net? If so, then you should check out the Cocoon safari mosquito net. Check our thoughts on it here. Travel | Travel health | mosquito net
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