How to collect airmiles without flying

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If you really enjoy travel you have probably clicked on to collecting air miles when you fly to fun a future flight. Who wouldn’t want to collect these? After-all no one would say no to a free flight. Presumably a lot of us as travellers are travelling on a budget. Of course this means we earn the minimum amount of miles for our cheap economy flight. I worked out I’d need to fly to Thailand seven times with Qatar Airways before I earned myself a free flight there! I started to consider ways I could collect airmiles without actually flying and this is what I found out.

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collect airmiles without

Researching your airline

As a consequence I began to do a bit of digging and my research into Qatar airways partners brought me upon Agoda. This is a hotel booking website. Last time I travelled I was overly cautious and use to book my hotel room before I arrived in my next location. If only I had known about Agoda and their partnership with Airlines!

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*Typically an airline will belong to a group of airlines called an alliance who you can switch your air miles between. There are three main ones in the world. You should ideally join one airline frequent flyer program from each airline family. This means you are earning air miles toward flights from each major airline.*

Collect air miles with Agoda

I found out that using Agoda you can witch between your air mile accounts and see which hotel room earns you the most miles and with which airline! Amazing. It is really simple too. Actually you just need to connect your frequent flyer accounts and switch between them as you wish… I managed to sign up to two new ones and connect them within a few minutes. So maybe you want to earn all of your miles with Qatar airways, no problem! Maybe you are planning to travel South East Asia… Your hotel stays could earn you a flight for free with Air Asia.

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For this reason its best to use Agoda when booking all of your hotel stays. I had booked over 15 nights away using and each of them could have earned me air miles…gutting!

Collect air miles with Virgin Red

Virgin Red is a competition app for those in the UK. Can you enter competitions for free and are given quizzes and questionnaires to enter into vaults to earn rewards. One regular reward given is Virgin flying club air miles… Worth a shot since it is totally free right? You can join and get bonus points using my code GTO1BI to get yourself in with a change of earning miles. They regularly give away 3000 at  a time but often offer chunks of flying club miles as prizes too. You also get the chance to win weekends away, win a holiday and win Virgin Experience days.

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Do you know of another way to collect airmiles without flying?

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collect airmiles without
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