Community project in Kenya: Helping the locals

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Whilst in Kenya there was a few community project going on and I was dying to get on one. These community projects were completely different every time. They ranged from manual labour which included painting orphanages or building things for schools. The whole point of the community projects are to help the locals better their lives. This is something I was very, very keen to do.

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My experience on a community project in Kenya

Finally I managed to get on one of the community project in Kenya to help the locals. This came in the form of helping out a school install a gutter system and a water tank. The point of this was so that the gutter system would catch the rain water as it fell. Additionally it would then run down the gutter system into the water tank. Now at this point in time when I was in Kenya, throughout the whole of Kenya there was a water drought. So collecting any water the locals could would be a massive help. As we arrived at the school we were told that some local tradesmen had already put up a gutter, however it was a very bad job they had done. So to that end the gutter that the tradesmen put up, came down and we installed the new one.


Once the new and proper gutter was installed we trialed it with a bucket of water. This was to see if the water would run through the gutter and into the water tank. If it didn’t it would have been a real pain trying to fix it.  However it was a success. A massive achievement that was massively appreciated by the school and their headmaster.

Community project in Kenya
One of the tables we built for the school

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Further tasks

Community project in Kenya
Another of the school tables I helped build

Once the gutter system and water tank were installed and finished we still had a few hours before we set off. So to make the most of the time a few of us decided to start making furniture out of an old heap of wood. We managed to build a few desks for the kids in the school and also a large table for the dinner lady to put the food on for the kids. This was a much harder task as we had very minimum resources. We only had a homemade hammer which wasn’t very good and we had to try and recycle the nails from the heap of wood. It was a challenge but a challenge accepted and completed.

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Community project in Kenya
The larger table for the dinner ladies

Seeing the faces of all the little kids and the teachers at the school made all the hard work worth every minute.

Have you done a community project in Kenya? What did you do?

Thinking about volunteering but Kenya is not your country of choice? Learn what Nairobi has to offer… or why not build mud and stick toilets in Tanzania?

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  • This is such a noble work you are involved in. We all must give back to society.
    The projects are commendable and of great use to them.

    • It really was! And to just know that these kids would have clean drinking water when it rained was such a good feeling! Definitely do it, absolutely fantastic! The locals were soo grateful!

  • I’m so jealous that you got to participate in a community project! I love volunteering but haven’t been able to much service since having kids. One of my plans is to volunteer on one of our trips at some point. This looks like a great project to teach kids not only about giving back but also to reduce, reuse and recycle. Love it!
    Marcie recently posted…Wild Hearts Farm in Tacoma, WAMy Profile

    • Soo much appreciation for the comment and yeah that one a massive important lesson we were trying to get across! I will be volunteering again in south east Asia!

  • David, it’s really great that you and Tasha got the chance to work on the community project. It’s amazing work. The tables remind me of the ones we had in school when I was young. It’s great that you’ll could do that just with a hammer. Did you’ll take Travis along on this trip?

    • It was quite an achievement to build anything as all we had was minimal tools and scrap wood! No Travis wasn’t on this trip. Thanks for commenting!

  • It’s certainly an interesting way to spend a day whilst travelling. It’s always nice to give back to the communities that we travel within. Jsut a few questions – How did you find this opportunity? Was it one that you had to pay for? How were you involved in the construction of the guttering? Oh so many questions!

    • So my work had offered me the opportunity to go and work with the school. I am not totally sure how they found it. I didn’t have to pay anything to volunteer here. So I was part of a team that attached the gutter system to the side of the building and then into the water tank. haha its okay, feel free to ask anymore that you may have. Thanks for commenting.

    • That feeling you get knowing how much good you are doing for the kids and teachers at the school is very difficult to explain! A real magical feeling!

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