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If you’d like to contact us and you are in a hurry, please email us on

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We are waiting to hear from you!

You can also find us on social media using the handy social links to the right, or you can simply put Meldrums On The Move into any of the social channels and we should pop up. You can feel free to contact us on any of those pages.

You can even use the handy email box below to contact us!

We are more than happy to hear from you with blog suggestions, article requests, guest post requests and anything that is crossing your mind. Don’t be afraid to get in touch. We are very gentle, I promise!

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We have made pages dedicated to how you can work with us, including what we can do for you and what services we offer. We are trying to find brands to collaborate with for our upcoming trips to Barcelona (June), Qatar (September) and Thailand (September, October and November) and would be happy to speak with you if you have a proposal.

If you are thinking about working with us, you can check out our work with us page to find out how we can help you or you can contact us by email using

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