Corralejo things to do in December

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Recently we visited Corralejo in Fuerteventura as a family. We went in December and found that in Corralejo things to do at this time were quite rare, unless you enjoy drinking a lot.

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This was our first flight with a toddler and you can find more about our tips for flying with a child here. December was a cheap month to fly out costing us only £120 for all three of us. Bargain. We booked a hotel through TravelRepublic. This website allows you to split the payment up over a few weeks. We to chose to stay at the Maxorata apartments because the pool looked lovely and inviting. It also wasn’t too costly.

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We landed around 6PM to a lovely 19 degrees and hopped in a taxi from the airport to Corralejo. This was in the region of 40 Euro. If you are on a budget I highly recommend checking out the local bus. This will cost something more like 10 Euro. We went to the local supermarket for some supplies then headed to bed.


The next morning we decided to check out the pool… it was freezing! We had no idea they did not heat the pool at this resort. It was completely unusable unless you wanted to only stand on the ramp at the edge. We were so disappointed as it was the mainly activity we had planned with Travis.

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Corralejo things to do
Tasha and Travis at the edge of the cold pool


We decided to find some of the gorgeous beaches we knew were nearby. The first one we found was near the town centre and it was beautiful. The water was a bit chilly but you got used to it after a while. The main problem here was that after about 1 metre the sand turned to stones and was too dangerous for a little one. Another danger we noticed was that people were fishing off a pier right down to the beach. Potentially any of the kids, surfers or paddle-boarders could get hooked in the lines.

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There were other beaches, some completely formed of rocks with harsh waves. Another with sand made of broken coral. They were gorgeous but just not safe for a one year old.

Corralejo things to do
Rocky beach

Of course the beaches were breathtaking, I cannot deny that.


Walking was out main activity here. We spent hours exploring the city and were no disappointed. I could easily guide anyone around this town or to certain attractions now. The walks were generally peaceful and safe, with the few odd noisy tourists. The whole town is well paved and easy to guide a buggy around. The paths were really clean and flat too so we even had Travis physically walking around with us most of the time!

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Corralejo things to do
Adorable streets from our walks


There is lots of entertainment on the island, from a Zoo, Water-park (which just so happened to be closed from Dec-April,) live music, and lots of sports. Unfortunately toddlers like to nap and go to bed early so we did not sample much of the entertainment on the island.

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Arguably there is lots to see on the island, great views almost everywhere you look. You can go out and see the miles of sand dunes, we took the number 6 bus to Puerto del Rosario to see these. You can even get a boat to Lanzarote for the day and do tours out there too. The boat only takes 30 minutes but ironically it costs quite a lot. You can find great sculptures all over the island and there are people who make really impressive sand sculptures each day on the beach in town.

Corralejo things to do
Amazing views at the pier

We found that during winter there was a lack of Corralejo things to do. Do you know anything we may have missed in Corralejo in winter? What other Corralejo things to do do you know of?

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Corralejo things to do
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  • Thanks for an honest run down of your vacation and Corralejo. Sad to hear the water in the pool was freezing, but often I have found that most open pools around the Mediterranean are not heated. I guess we are used to it because in India as well most of our pools are not heated unless in 5* properties. I always enjoy taking my kids to the beach, but completely understand when they are not safe enough because of rocks etc. Glld you enjoyed walking around, as that is my favourite activity when in a new place.

  • I think Corralejo isn’t alone when it comes to a lack of activity come winter season. Most coastal towns around the Med are like this, and it’s amazing how much of a difference a little sunshine can add! The sand dunes sound amazing, and were empty too I’m sure! Good of you to try the freezing cold pool, I would have stayed poolside instead!

  • This looks like a lovely family vacation! And how nice that you brought your toddler along. The Maxorata apartment looks gorgeous, and you’re right, that pool is beautiful! I could stay there all day! It’s great that you discovered that there are plenty of things to do, though it’s too bad that you didn’t get to do all of them. Maybe when the baby is a little older?
    Scenes From Nadine (Nadine Smith) recently posted…Pho Cuon 31, HanoiMy Profile

  • I am yet to venture to that part of the world, but when I do visit Corralejo, I would love to walk around the place and spend some time by the beach. Sounds like there are a good variety of beaches there. Can’t wait to head there. Cheers!!

  • I’m so sorry the pool was cold! I learned at a young age to just dive in, because if I put my toe in to test the water, I’d never go all the way in. I’m glad to know that there is a ton to see around the island, because I don’t drink and wouldn’t want to get bored on a visit!

  • Corralejo looks like a relaxed island. Going in winters must be cheaper but sometimes we miss those happenings and events organised in summers. I will also start looking hotels from TravelRepublic. Views from pier is really amazing.

  • That’s a shame about the pool being too cold, swimming with a 1 year old can be so much fun. Downtown Corralejo sounds to be the place to be during winter, I love Spanish towns. The boat out to Lanzarote sounds worthwhile although a little expensive. I noticed in Spain that they keep their toddlers awake until midnight!
    James recently posted…Jakarta to YogyakartaMy Profile

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