Review: Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC

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Hotel: Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC

Date: 3rd Dec, 2016

Room: Double Room


Driving through the front gate of the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC, you could tell it was very classy. The room we were in was immaculate and the bathroom was amazing. The decor from the front door right throughout the establishment was beautiful and the bar had a huge variety of drinks, alcoholic and soft. However it was pretty pricey but to be expected at such a lovely place.

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 Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC is right beside the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and was very easy to get to. There is plenty of parking which was well needed as the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC is a very popular stay. Additionally there was loads of shops to go shopping for the likes of clothes and shoes to food and drinks. The train station and airport are also really close by. Find out some interesting places to visit in Birmingham here.
Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
The Genting Arena is 2 minutes walk


One of the best nights sleep of my life to date. Giving having a few drinks the night before obviously helped. The bed was enormous and could easily have fitted three people in it so plenty room to get comfortable.


The employee’s of the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC were very friendly and very professional. The reason of staying here was to attend a function held by a company we work alongside and many of our team members were going to be here so it was nice to meet them in person. We did see speakers from the event including athletes and Emirates staff at the hotel because it was right beside the airport. However apart from that, no one else really crossed paths with us.

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Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
Crowne Plaza selfie

My favourite part

The best part about my stay here was the function I attended in the Music Room and then the brilliant sleep after. Furthermore the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC put on a fantastic buffet and a complimentary free drink for everyone attending the function which was a very nice gesture.

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My least favourite part

The only downside to this fantastic place for me was the price of drinks at the bar. However for a place as nice as the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC I can see and understand how they justify using the prices they do.

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Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
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Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
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