Customer satisfaction: How it can make or break a business in the online world


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  1. A Life Less Ordinary says:

    I always think back to my uni days when we learned that for every good experience you have you may tell 1-3 people. For every bad experience you tell 7-9 people. It’s so true but back then online buying wasn’t as popular so I can see how you could lose 30 potential customers through a bad review easily 😳

  2. myneisslife says:

    What people say about you is so powerful! If someone has a friend tell them negative things about your business that person will probably never give your business a chance!

  3. Emily says:

    I definitely agree that it’s so much easier to give feedback that will be seen with online purchases. Something I like about shopping online also is getting reviews right in front of you before you buy. I have found this becoming harder to trust though as I have heard people pay others for fake reviews now. Have you heard of this? Good points on reminders to sellers to monitor. I wish there was a way to keep everyone honest and on top of things!

  4. Momma To Go says:

    I always think people are more apt to leave a comment if they had a bad experience. so it tends to skew in that direction

  5. fiona says:

    People are great and bad mouthing things and hopeless at praising. It is a juggling act

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