Customer satisfaction: How it can make or break a business in the online world

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There has always been an emphasis on the customer being right. Many companies implement this policy because it makes their employees show understanding and listen to the customer when something has gone wrong. In doing this the organisation is seen to be caring, and able to stick to their promises, which is increasing in importance especially in the online world. This is where customer satisfaction comes into play.

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Customer satisfaction
Happy customer

Customer satisfaction is not all about the product; it’s about the service and how smoothly the purchase process was for the customer. In an online world it is very easy to record, and find, information about how satisfied you are as a customer of an organisation.

Why people buy online

Companies like Amazon and EBay sprung up because there was a need for a ‘better way’ for customers to shop. People enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own home. It saves them a lot of time and they can shop from many different retailers.

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Attraction Marketing
Shopping at the fingertips

The online marketplace opened up a whole new platform for feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials. Online buyers are now able to check the trusty feedback before committing to a purchase, which is another reason people love to buy online.

What can go wrong online

Online selling opens up more avenues and more areas for things to ‘go wrong’ with a purchase. There is now a need for online customer service, reliance on software and delivery methods. There are many more ways for company to make a mistake in the process of someone buying something.
Many companies love the idea of online feedback systems because individuals or small businesses without a big budget can really find their place in the market. They can establish themselves as leaders in their industry by having great feedback available for the world to see. What they are forgetting is that one small piece of bad feedback can spiral into the public eyes just as quickly, and tarnish an otherwise good reputation.

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The viral world

As mentioned above it is very easy for online information to make its way in front of millions of pairs of eyes very quickly. This can be good and bad. If you are getting great feedback you have nothing to worry about, the threat of it going viral will sound appealing and no doubt will make your business grow!


On the other hand if it is bad, you could lose so much business it may really damage your income! Bad pieces of feedback can lose you up to 30 customers! That is why it is important to keep moderating feedback and repair any problem before it goes out of control. This is truer in a social media world, rather than Amazon or eBay, but it should be considered for all platforms your place yourself on as a business. You want to be seen as an organisation who keeps to their promises.

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It is important to keep your customers satisfied offline and online, of course! It is just very important to keep track of your platforms online to deal with bad feedback. Dealing with bad feedback publicly can gain you a great reputation too (replying to comments offering to help with the problem) and should bad feedback should always be responded to.
Keep a close watch on your social media pages, or pay someone to do it for you, so you are not missing anything. You do not want to be someone who is losing multiple customers because of poor social media management.

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In the internet world your customer satisfaction can really make or break you, so nurture it and take care of it like you would to customers in person and you should have nothing to worry about.


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  • I always think back to my uni days when we learned that for every good experience you have you may tell 1-3 people. For every bad experience you tell 7-9 people. It’s so true but back then online buying wasn’t as popular so I can see how you could lose 30 potential customers through a bad review easily 😳

  • What people say about you is so powerful! If someone has a friend tell them negative things about your business that person will probably never give your business a chance!

  • I definitely agree that it’s so much easier to give feedback that will be seen with online purchases. Something I like about shopping online also is getting reviews right in front of you before you buy. I have found this becoming harder to trust though as I have heard people pay others for fake reviews now. Have you heard of this? Good points on reminders to sellers to monitor. I wish there was a way to keep everyone honest and on top of things!

  • I always think people are more apt to leave a comment if they had a bad experience. so it tends to skew in that direction

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