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 People are always seeking for the ultimate holiday destination and Dalmatia definitely falls into that category. Dalmatia is a narrow belt on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Dalmatia is divided into three sub-regions which are, Northern Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and Southern Dalmatia. Dalmatia stretches from the northern Island Rab to the southern Bay of Kotor. Dalmatian travel is a new and upcoming area popular because of the tv show Game of Thrones. There are many beautiful cities throughout Dalmatia and the Dalmatian coast, which makes it perfect for the travelling tourist who doesn’t want to stay in the same place for too long.

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Dalmatian travel

Northern Dalmatia

Dalmatian travel should begin in northern Dalmatia which has some fantastic features from beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage to spectacular national parks. This breathtaking part of Croatia also offers beautiful, yet unspoilt islands, as well as historical cities. There is the mid-evil city of Sibenik, the small town of Nin which is located a short distance north of Zadar and the most famous being the city of Zadar. Zadar is the capital of northern Dalmatia and is a travel hot-spot, allowing you to get pretty much anywhere in the region by bus, ferry or train. Many of the beautiful Dalmatian Islands can be reached from the port, making Dalmatian travel very easy. Zadar is a cultural city being home to 34 different churches. Spending around five to seven days should be enough time to see the sights, experience the culture but also relax.

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 This is an idea of how I would spend  five to seven days in Northern Dalmatia.

Day One – Dalmatian travel should begin with arrival in Zadar. You can then get public transport to accommodation to settle in for the night.

Day Two – Get a good lie in and then go out and explore the city of Zadar. In doing this, it would allow me to see where I could get a bite to eat and experience a bit of new culture.

Day Three – Spend a day exploring and visiting the 34 different churches and trying out some more Croatian cuisine.

Day Four – Experience one of the breathtaking national parks. Taking public transport always helps making me feel part of the local culture.

Day Five and Six – Being at the tail end of my trip I would spend the next few days of Dalmatian travel on the beautiful, white sandy beaches.

Day Seven – Spend the last day going round the city before heading back to the airport and catching my flight home.

Central Dalmatia

 Central Dalmatia is home to some of the more bigger Dalmatian Islands such as Brac and Hvar. This sub-region is home to the Biokovo mountain range. The Biokovo mountain range is the second highest mountain range in Croatia and located between the rivers of Cetina and Neretva. The Biokovo mountain range is a Dalmatian travel must see if travelling within Central Dalmatia and is a climbers dream with the highest peak being 1762 meters above sea level.

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The Island of Brac is an island of paradise with isolate bays and clear water beaches to rolling hills covered in pine and fig trees. Brac has two larger main towns which are Bol and Supetar. Many different languages are spoken on this Island ranging from the locals natural tongue to English, German and Italian. Getting around the island is very simple as there is local buses that run but also many places where you are able to rent cars, scooters, quad bikes and push bikes which appeals more to the independent tourist. There is a lot to experience on Brac and visiting the pebbles beach’s and private coves is a must while kite surfing and wind surfing in Bol is a experience to remember. When it comes to food there are two very special dishes. These are Brac domestic lamb (Vitalac) and the famous Brac cheese. Not trying these would be a massive regret during your Dalmatian travel time.

Dalmatian travel
A beautiful view looking up into Brac!

Neighboring the Island of Brac is the Island of Hvar. The landscape is much the same on Hvar as on Brac. Hvar also has the pebble beaches and secluded coves but to top it of, the nightlife withing the mid-evil streets of Hvar is something everyone must experience. While Hvar is by far the most beautiful town on the Island but a town by the name of Stari Grad is the oldest.

Dalmatian travel
Looking down into Hvar port!

Hvar Town is very popular among tourists and can be found to be very busy between the months of May and September. A few key things to do on Hvar is definitely visit the islands near by, one in particular, The Blue Cave. Renting a boat will make bouncing from island to island very easy and a great adventure and also climb up Spanjola Fortress. The sights available when up on the Spanjola Fortress are to die for and if your going to do one thing on this island, make sure it is that.

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Southern Dalmatia

Last but by no means least is Southern Dalmatia. Dubrovnik is the key attraction to this sub-region of Dalmatia Croatia. This is the third largest city in Dalmatia. Dubronvik is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the whole of the Dalmatian travel region. This amazing city is home to many very historical building, churches and Palaces but the most precious feature of Dubronvik is the city’s walls. These walls run almost two kilometres around the city and attracted 1.1 million tourists in 2016. The walls are incredibly thick on the inside being between four to six meters thick but considerably thinner on the sea side of the walls. There is also a system of towers and turrets that once protected this vulnerable city. Getting to the city is relatively easy as it has its very own airport and getting around the city is also very simple as there is a connection of busses which can accommodate you to get you where you want to go.

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Dalmatian travel
Dubrovnik City

So when visiting this beautiful region there is a few places of interest to visit. Firstly Sponza Palace, this is home to the National Archives and dates back to the sixteenth century. Furthermore, Rectors Palace is another to see. Rector’s Palace is a Gothic-Renaissance structure that has finely carved writing on display and a beautiful ornate staircase. This historical building is now a museum. Dubronvik’s most beloved church is St Blaise’s Church. This magnificent building was constructed in the eighteenth century in the honour of  the patron saint of Dubronvik.

So all in all Dalmatia is a very beautiful region within a the beautiful country of Croatia. With many sights to see and activities to do, it’s no wonder why Dalmatia is very popular with tourists.

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  • Love this guide! Croatia is one of my absolute favourite places. I did sail Croatia a few years ago, but this covers some places I missed. I really need to go back and explore some more. Will keep this handy for planning!

  • The only place where I have been on the Dalmatian coast is Dubrovnik. I would love to go back one day and explore the entire region, it looks so beautiful. I am a fan of small cities and villages so I would definitely not skip a stop in Brac. It looks so dreamy!

  • I was in southern Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, a few years ago and simply loved it. The landscape, the food and the place itself is just magical. I’m not so familiar with central Dalmatia, but would really like to visit. Brac and Hvar both sound like my kind of places!

  • Croatia is already high up on my travel bucket list. And then this post about Dalmatia just had me swooning! That first picture alone is enough to convince me to go!

  • So this city was featured in Game of Thrones, that’s why I was wondering why do the pictures look familiar! I could spend an entire week checking out all the 34 churches. The pictures are awe inspiring indeed.

  • This Dalmatian region of Croatia is so beautiful and stunning that it makes me tempt to book the tickets now only. Croatia is always on my wish list after being featured in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This place is looks so romantic. Hvar town is stunning.

  • A great overview. I have been to Croatia twice, once to the north and once to the south. My favourite area has to be Dubronvik. I love the old city walls and climbing to the big cross on the hill. This gives a great view of the city and into Bosnia. It was such a nice climb up too.

  • This is perfectly timed as I head to Dubrovnik in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to using those walls as part of my running route assuming there is no charge?

  • I love how you break up this guide into the different areas of Dalmatia. It makes the region a lot easier to understand for visitors not familiar with Croatia. Is it possible to see all 34 of Zadar’s churches in a day!? Incredible to have so many. Ideally, I’d love to visit in shoulder season when the area isn’t so crowded and the temperatures are a bit cooler than summer.
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  • We’ve only been to Dubrovnik in the southern Dalmations but know there is so much more to explore. It really is such a stunning part of the world. In some ways I think it’s a shame that GoT came along as now EVERYONE knows about it. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • I suppose the GOT fame makes this place terribly crowded in summer, but it looks beautiful! It’s on my list and I am hoping to visit next year, thanks for the detailed guide.

  • Amazing guide, I spent a couple of days in Dalmatia on a contiki tour many years ago, and it’s one of the most beautiful regions I’ve traveled to yet. I’m very much looking forward to heading back to explore further than the Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik backpacking trip, and now that I have a proper income, really do it well. Can’t wait to island hop, and really immerse myself in the history, landscapes and food 🙂

  • I was not really familiar with the Dalmatian region, though I knew about Dubrovnik after watching it featured in a movie. The Dalmatian region looks really lovely and the fact that it is relatively less exposed makes it all the more alluring. Would love to get to these parts some day.

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