Review: De Lanna Hotel

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Hotel: De Lanna Hotel, Chiang Mai

Date: 8th – 10th October, 2017

Room: Double Room (209)


Finding the De Lanna Hotel within the Old City is not hard, but it is certainly fun. You will pass many beautiful temples, statues and cute cafes before you lay eyes on the beautiful dark wood and white De Lanna Hotel Chiang Mai. The front room is open and the staff are very welcoming as soon as they see you. We arrived too early to check in but were allowed to sit in the pool are and courtyard garden until our room was ready.

De Lanna Hotel
Each room had a blacony

The downstairs rooms had balconies which opened out on to courtyard. The most interesting part was that these rooms had small fish ponds as they lead into the courtyard. There were a lot of birds walking around in the garden which we really liked to see.


The De Lanna Hotel is in the centre of the Old City – walking distance to everything else in the Old City and close to lots of temples too. There is a big police station nearby just incase you ever happened to need it. There are street food stands near and the Sunday Walking Market livens up just a street away from the hotel every Sunday evening.

De Lanna Hotel
The balcony looked back into the bedroom


We had a standard room and we were in room 209. It was easy to find and quick to get to from the front desk. There was a list up which made it very easy having a child there. The room was really big, spacious and well decorated. We felt really at home in the room. Our room at the De Lanna Hotel had a fridge which was stocked with goodies for us to try. There was a kettle, TV, buckets and even a seating area for when we didn’t want to be sat on the bed.

De Lanna Hotel
The bed was big enough for three

We had a balcony which overlooked the pool which was one of my favourite things about the room. It was the first time since getting to Thailand that we had a proper balcony where we could hang clothes out to dry. There were two seats and a table on the balcony so you could sit and enjoy the beautiful view and gorgeous weather.

De Lanna Hotel
The seats on the balcony

Each room has a private bathroom which had an indoor-outdoor look. We loved the decor in the bathroom and would decorate like that when we get our own place.

De Lanna Hotel
The bathroom was beautiful and clean


The De Lanna Hotel had many different guests, the Old City in Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination so many people come here. In general a lot of Chinese people visit Chiang Mai because of the film ‘Lost in Thailand’ and its close proximity to China. We found this to be true – we spoke with a lovely Chinese girl from Guangzhou who was visiting with her husband. We also noticed Chinese families sitting in the courtyard playing cards.

De Lanna Hotel
The garden courtyard


The De Lanna Hotel had a giant flamingo in the pool (inflatable of course.) This was one of our highlights as it was so much fun for us and Travis to play with and made for some great photo opportunities.

De Lanna Hotel
The seating area meant Travis could stand up

In general we really liked the pool. There was a seating area in one end of the pool which meant Travis could stand up on his own. This part also became a jacuzzi and blew lots of bubbles.

De Lanna Hotel
The seating area is also a jacuzzi


We were a little gutted there was no option to check-in a little early. We arrived in Chiang Mai at 7am and were exhausted with a two year old who doesn’t like to wait for the pool opening times. If we had been able to get in just a little early our morning would have been a lot more simple with less tears.

De Lanna Hotel
The balcony meant we could dry our washed clothes


Looking for a family friendly hotel in Chiang Mai Old City? De Lanna Hotel is the answer | family travel | kids world travel guide | chiang mai | chiang mai old city | hotel in Chiang Mai | Chiang Mai hotels
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Looking for a family friendly hotel in Chiang Mai Old City? De Lanna Hotel is the answer | family travel | kids world travel guide | chiang mai | chiang mai old city | hotel in Chiang Mai | Chiang Mai hotels
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*We were invited as guests of the De Lanna Hotel. All opinions are our own.

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