How to deal with your kids first case of sunburn

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If it has been a while since you had sunburn, or you and the kids are getting it for the first time you should listen to these tips to be able to deal with it without causing any more pain. Remember your kids first case of sunburn can be distressing and sore for them, so be patient.

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Travis got his first case of sunburn during our trip to Ibiza. The weather completely caught us off guard, with us in hoodies the first two days we did not expect to be getting burnt on out last day there.

The sun and the wind

We knew the sun was out. The same as it had peeked out every other day in Ibiza. The wind was so cold that it honestly did not seem like the sun was powerful enough to even slightly tan us, never mind cause the severe burns that it did. My first bit of advice is if the sun is shining, put cream on. It doesn’t matter where you are, when it comes to a child that cannot explain what they feel we need to be more careful.

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kids first case of sunburn
The burns around where my watch protected me

When you know you kid is already burned


Make sure you are giving your child plenty of water when your kids first case of sunburn happens. You do not want this to develop into sun stroke. Make sure your giving them, and yourself, plenty of fluids.


Get sunscreen on as soon as possible if you are still out. We struggled with this because so many places were closed in Ibiza in April. Luckily it was out last day so we headed to the airport early… which takes me to our next point

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Go inside

Try to go inside and keep out of the sun for a while. You do not want to develop the burns into worse burns. They will take longer to heal and will cause your little one more pain in the meantime.


When you already dropped the ball and your child is burned there are some steps you should take to making sure they get better as quickly as possible. We always have Aloe Gelly in our changing bag (unless of course we were in Ibiza with only hand luggage and the bottle is slightly too big of a carry-on bag.) Aloe Gelly is the closest thing to pure Aloe Vera inner gel you are going to get in a tube – you can find out about how aloe vera can help sunburn.

kids first case of sunburn
Aloe Gelly is the best for soothing and healing

We represent Forever Living so we buy our Aloe Gelly through our own store, which is really handy as we get a discount on it. We use this stuff in the bucketload because it can be used on so much more than sunburn.  For added soothing you can put this in the fridge for a while to help soothe the burns further and you can find out more about our tips for beating sunburn.

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Be mindful

Remember how sore burns are? Keep the bath and shower cool so you do not irritate the burns. They can be so much more painful in hot water and you want to reduce the pain to the utmost minimum for your child. Also they can be sore to touch so lay off on cuddles if they seem a bit off. They are probably just hurting.

What are your best tips for dealing with your kids first case of sunburn?

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  • It is good to know these tips. I am an adult and it so hurts getting sun burnt so it must be horrible for a poor little kid who didn’t really know what was wrong. I love aloe vera though it has such a cooling effect.

  • We were just in 100 degree heat last weekend while traveling and my 3yo got so red! Thankfully, my Mom had sunscreen in her purse and we offered him many different drinks. It’s so important to stay hydrated when sunburned!

  • Some fantastic tips here – especially going inside once you are burnt. There is nothing worse than skin that is already red being out in the sun for longer. I always try to keep myself covered in sunscreen but sometimes even with factor 50 I can still catch the sun. I will have to look in to picking up some of that aloe gel, I usually use aftersun but I can imagine the aloe will be much more soothing.

  • I always get sunburned because I have a very delicate skin… but I can’t even imagine how painful it could be for a little kid! Aloe gel seems to be the perfect solution, provided that it should never happen, ideally! I’ll suggest this to my sister in law who has a fair skinned little one!

  • I’ve actually heard that Aloe Gelly does wonders to sunburned skin. It helps so fast and effectively. This is a good reminder to pay more attention to these things and not to drop the ball 🙂

  • I’ve never tried Aloe Gelly or heard of it. I’ll suggest it to my mum as she burns easily and gets burned, she loves to try new solutions to sunburn. I will have an idea on what to use when my daughter gets burned too, it’s good to find something for kids sensitive skin.

  • Prevention of sunburn is the best cure. Hope the little one is feeling better now. I too travel with an tube of aloe vera. Works wonders on the skin after a long haul flight.

  • These are great tips for both kids and adults. Increasing your water intake is essential when dealing with sunburn – but prevention is definitely the best cure. I’m from the UK so grew up with the ‘suns out, guns out’ mentality and being so far north the sun wasn’t strong enough to burn – living in Australia has definitely changed things and now I carry sun cream everywhere.

  • I hope Travis is feeling better now. When you are having too much fun in the sun, you forget sunburn. I have forgotten to bring sunscreen a lot of times but I try my best to drink a lot of water. I will check out the Forever Living sunscreen.

  • OH, this would have to be such a sad and scary moment for all of you! We are very conscious of sun safety but accidents happen and so easily. We have the best luck with sunscreen clothing. Great tips for what to do if you get too much sun.

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