Digital nomad – get over that ‘freedom guilt’

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Working from home, or anywhere in the world as a digital nomad, can be a really strange feeling to begin with. You are no longer required to report to an employer or run to their schedule. It can be so freeing for some people, but if you are like me you probably feel ‘guilty’ each day because your working hours have reduced. I guess that is why I am sat here at 1am trying to be productive!

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Days off ‘work’

On the days when I have time off from my day job, like today, I solely focus on my beautiful little boy and contributing to my digital nomad business. I currently run three blogs and two businesses in my spare time. It might sound hectic but it works well for me. I have to admit though I do find that although I am very productive in the time I work, I still feel guilty for only doing a few hours per day. Since beginning my ventures, I have connected with many business owners and a lot of them emphasize freedom and enjoy travelling. A big part of their teaching is to show others how to get this freedom and to be able to be a digital nomad and work from anywhere, at any time.

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Not working enough

I guess the idea of this still hasn’t settled completely with me. It is 1am now and although I have made major steps in finishing my website, creating graphics and pricing plants and have linked my new website and services to my social media, I still feel like I did not work ‘enough’ today.

Freedom guilt

It is a really battle. As a family we had a wonderful day. I played with my son, cooked a lovely, delicious and healthy family meal and researched my newest travel destination like crazy. I got a lot of great work done in a few very short hours, but it still feels like it was not enough! Why? Freedom guilt. It is drilled into us that we should be working large portions of the day in return for money. If we do not work these crazy hours we will be unsuccessful and live a restricted life which lacks abundance.

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Mainly, this is a note to myself, and those other entrepreneurs and digital nomad types who think their hard work isn’t enough. Get over it. Get over yourself. And most importantly get over your freedom guilt. You deserve this!


How to be a guilt free digital nomad #digitalnomad
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Digital nomad - get over that ‘freedom guilt’
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