Disneyland Paris – A rainy Disney day

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Disneyland Paris is on the bucketlist of almost every child in the world, and secretly I think most adults would love to go there too. Having kids is a great excuse to see wonderful places like Disneyland Paris. My mother took my brother and I when we were kids and we loved it. The weather was terrible, but we made the day memorable.

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The weather

The weather in Europe can be unpredictable at best. We had enjoyed lovely sunny days at our campsite, but this day, the day we chose to go to Disneyland Paris it decided to cloud over. A storm was approaching and rain beat down on us so hard that all of our clothes were soaked right through.

Disneyland Paris

We ended up having to buy new clothes in the Disney store because it was so bad!

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Being a shorty

The unfortunate thing is I’ve always been small. It was a long time ago so I cannot remember if I was a particularly small child, I just remember being too small for many of the exciting rides. Maybe it was pretty common for all the children to feel like that though.

Boat rides

We managed to go on a boat ride which took us around little villages which were set out like you expect to see in windows at Christmas time. A lot of them even had snow so it really reminded me of Christmas!

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Disneyland Paris

Lots to see

Even with being too short to use a lot of the exciting rides, there was a lot to do. I remember there was a train ride, but because of the bad weather it had been shut down to guests at the time. We were really gutted about this as we felt like we missed out on a lot, but Disneyland Paris was still by far one of our favourite experiences of the trip! It was a long day walking about to see everything that was there.

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Disneyland Paris - A rainy Disney day
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  • I haven’t been to Paris yet but am planning to do so soon. Once my partner and I have seen all the sights of that renowned city and we have time, I think we would both love to have a look at Disneyland Paris. We can all do with a little escapism in our lives and I’m sure it would be both interesting and fun.

  • I’m sorry that it rained on you at Disney Paris! I grew up going to Disneyland in California and loved going on rainy days. There were fewer people in the Park and most of the rides were still open. Granted, we’d wear ponchos or large trash bags to stay dry. Hope the rain didn’t ruin your experience!

  • Ahhhh Disneyland Paris looks beautiful and this sounds exciting even though it did rain. I think I’d prefer it to be rainy cause there’d be a small crowd and I love rain haha! I’d be looking forward to go here as a twenty something guess it’d be quite fun and exciting.

  • It may have rained but what a perfect excuse to kit yourself out at the Disney store?! A dream come true for any child really! I haven’t been to Disneyland Paris yet but would love to take my niece and nephews one day. They’re 9, 5 and 3 right now, so I think in a year or 2 would be the perfect time for them to all enjoy and remember.

  • Though I love to watch Disney movies, I’m not really that big a fan to spend a day in Disneyland!!!
    I’ve been to Paris twice, but never visited Disneyland.
    Yeah, the weather of UK & Europe is too unpredictable! Too bad you weren’t able to enjoy the place well!

  • I’m thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris this September with my daughter but I’m also thinking about finding something more economical to do with her in England. You had bad weather on your visit but at least you could get yourself some nice Disney clothes as souvenirs, souvenir being the appropriate word in France! It’s good the parade still went on though, my daughter would have been crazy when Buzz and co. passed, I don;t know if Star Wars is part of the parade but she’s scared of Chewbacca!

  • Oh man, such a bummer that it rained hard! It’s one thing to see how carefree people can be in the movies and it’s another when you really want to take sunny pictures in Disneyland of all places. I’ve been to a few Disneylands and never thought to visit the one in Paris! If the rides are shut down it’s a pity the company doesn’t offer % refunds because the rides are such a huge part of visiting the park. On the bright side, you’re not queueing up for 3 or 4 hours just to sit on rides! So maybe you saw the best of the rest of the park’s attractions.

  • I have not been to Disneyland Paris yet but I have been to the one in Hong Kong. It was very sunny. We were thankful for that. There was a typhoon advisory a few days later. I would love to visit the Disneyland in other parts of the world. It would be interesting to see the differences especially the rides.

  • Oh god, i can totally understand what you have felt . I had the similar experience in LA’s Disneyland and that too it was my Birthday. I remember that i literally cried like a babylol

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