Review: Dusit Zoo Bangkok

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Hotel: Dusit Zoo Bangkok

Date: May 20th 2016


The Zoo is well kept, clean and full with animals. None of the exhibits seemed to be missing animals like we found at Edinburgh Zoo. There were plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a drink, lots of play areas for kids and plenty shade. There are also souvenir stores. You get a map at the start when you buy tickets which helps you navigate the large park.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok
The map we got given as part of our payment

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Dusit Zoo is not far from Khao San road. It took roughly 15-20 minutes in a taxi from Khao San to get there. It is easy to access and the taxi drivers know where to take you and to drop you off. Lots of taxis outside to get back to your hotel too so not a problem.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok
Me with a turtle statue


I cant remember the exact cost of Dusit Zoo Bangkok but I do remember that it was not a lot of money. Our tickets seem to indicate 150 baht per adult. The price also included a map which was really handy. The zoo is huge to it is handy that you are given a map to work out where you are, where the animals you want to see are, and how to get there.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok
Dusit Zoo Bangkok
The ticket

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I don’t remember seeing many westerners here. We did meet a lot of school children who had been brought there as a school excursion (they were all uniform.) We saw  lot of families there too but they were mainly local Thai people rather than tourists.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok
David with an elephant statue

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My favourite part

I loved just how many types of animals there were. There were specific areas for birds and a boating pond. I guess what I am trying to say is this place is much more than a Zoo. There is so much on offer here that you do not get when you visit British Zoos. There were even small aquariums, statues everywhere, parks and a war memorial.

Dusit Zoo Bangkok

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My least favourite part

Unfortunately, the animals at Dusit Zoo Bangkok seemed exhausted by the heat. They had quite fair sized (in my non-professional opinion) enclosures but they seemed to sit in one shaded part the whole time to hide from the sun. Sadly the crocodiles’ water was all dried up too which was a shame.


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