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Airline: Easyjet

Type: Budget airline

Date: Numerous, most recently April 2016

Flight: Short haul


I used to fly Easyjet regularly from Edinburgh to Stansted when I frequented Colchester or visiting my Aunt in Bury St.Edmunds. The flight was usually only a 55 minute one which was great. I have used Easyjet on a longer flight now to Iceland too. Easyjet are no thrills, but the plane has always been clean when I used it.

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The airline offer food and drink on their flights including alcohol. I had wine on my flight to Iceland and got two miniature bottles on a deal which made them much cheaper than buying two separately. David had beer. Typically the drinks are quite expensive and you end up paying as much on these as you did on your flight! There was crisps and other snacks available on the flight too.


I have always found Easyjet staff very helpful and comforting. There have been journeys where I had been fragile (hungover) and upset and they have never made me feel stupid or drawn attention to me. They did well on our flight to Iceland too at noticing the drunk women swigging their own drink and getting a bit out of control.

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Because Easyjet are a bargain airline you can expect to find a lot of cheap holiday-makers on board. A lot of people use this airline to attend hen-dos and cheap breaks and they can be the type of people who spend their savings on booze and get super rowdy.

Easyjet review
David on our flight to Iceland

When I used to fly to Stansted there were a lot of businessmen on the flight who flew from city to city for work.

My favourite part

I love the variety of locations Easyjet offer. You can see so many places in Europe for a bargain price.

My least favourite part

I’d say because its a budget airline there is no way to earn back miles. Easyjet should get their own credit card like Flybe so that people can earn miles on daily purchases, including their Easyjet flights.

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