Cheap flights from Edinburgh to Miami

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We recently booked flights from Edinburgh to Miami to celebrate David coming out of the Army. There were a lot of cheap flights from Edinburgh to a lot of places even though it will be in the summer of 2018, and we are here to share with you how we got these awesome flights from Edinburgh to Florida.

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Deciding on Edinburgh to Miami

We use Skyscanners flexibility options to find our flights. I actually was really open to where we might end up but was kind of set on going to the US since we had to skip Hawaii on the end of our Asia trip which we are leaving for in less than two months.

edinburgh to miami

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I use the most flexible options by choosing fly to ‘Everywhere’ and ‘whole month.’ This brought up a whole host of options in my price range. I had tried to price up a trip to the Faroe Islands since we have wanted to go there for quite a while, but accommodation there was a shocking £600 per week. I decided again to look at the US and although New York was cheaper than Miami at first look, flights from Edinburgh to Miami were actually cheaper when you followed through to purchase.

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Choosing an airline

Skyscanner finds a whole bunch of options for flying you to anywhere. The same was the case for these flights from Edinburgh to Miami. I could see that flying with Air France was the best option with a super short layover in Paris . I usually like to extend a layover as much as possible to use the layover hack to explore an extra country but we will be in Paris for a week in May 2018 so we skipped it this time. If you DO want to do that it is best to book directly through the airline.

edinburgh to miami

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I tried and tried discount codes I found on Google for Air France but there was nothing valid. Usually I do managed to find a little something! I did end up signing up for a new Paypal and paying through that which saved me over £10 in card fees. I also paid on my Flybe card which means I am earning flying miles for Flybe with each spend. The final total was just under £700 for two flights in the peak season from Edinburgh to Miami. This is the first time I have seen this price for flights from Edinburgh to Florida – any of Florida!


The price includes baggage and food on all of the flights, which is a bonus. Typically long haul gives you free drinks too. I haven’t looking into it yet but I am sure the case will be the same for these flights from Edinburgh to Miami.


This is where my decision was made. Although Miami is typically pretty expensive we managed to source a £300 AirBnb for the 13 days – not bad at all. This probably won’t stay this price for long but we are happy to spend up to double that for accommodation since we have been dying to see some of the states for a while now. Oh, and this AirBnb was right by the beach in the centre of the city with easy access to everything you could possibly want to see in Miami.

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edinburgh to miami

You can always try Agoda or for accommodation in Miami too, there is plenty of time to look.

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So who is ready to get some flights from Edinburgh to Miami?? Use the links above and let us know if you are joining us!

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How to get from Edinburgh to Miami without breaking the bank #travel #miami
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Cheap flights from Edinburgh to Miami #travel #miami
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