Getting vaccinated at the Edinburgh Travel Clinic

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After a recent blunder with the NHS and them being completely unable to order the travel vaccination Hep A (I tried to order them way in advance but they would not keep them for Travis while he was under two) we had to search the clinics in Edinburgh to try get him vaccinated before we left. We basically googled ‘Edinburgh Travel Clinic’ and called the first one that appeared.

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Edinburgh Travel Health Clinic

The Edinburgh Travel Clinic we managed to contact was the Edinburgh Travel Health Clinic. They told us they did have the vaccination in stock but it disappeared quickly and they could not confirm how many they would get in each week so it was best to get them as quickly as possible. She told us it would be £35 for the travel vaccination for a junior (it was only Travis who needed it.) We booked an appointment and headed up there in early August.

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edinburgh travel clinic
The clinic waiting room

When we arrived at the Edinburgh Travel Clinic the woman was quite short with us. She basically started to question us as if we were stupid and were not getting Travis enough vaccinations, though whoever we spoke to on the telephone had stated that it was enough. We were given a price list for the vaccinations to find out that the cost was actually £39 – different than we had been told on the phone. There was a price list there and we noticed that one of the vaccinations they were trying to persuade us to get would earn them a nice £400. We later looked up the same vaccination in a Bangkok clinic and it is going to cost us a total of $42 (for all three of us.)

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Getting vaccinated at Edinburgh Travel Clinic

We were called in (late) to get the vaccination and there was a bit of chatting before the actual vaccination. This made Travis a bit impatient. The jag went ahead and Travis was okay with it, but hated the plaster. He freaked out until he managed to pull it off.

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After the vaccination there was a lot of talking which made Travis impatient. We were given a LOT of paperwork to take home. I read some of it briefly in the car and some of the advice on it seemed like complete non-sense… We were sat down and told during this time about some of the extra vaccinations they hoped we would get and we felt like they tried to scare us into a few. We knew better and just agreed to look into them more before we left.


We then left to pay which went smoothly. There were a bunch of items on the shelves in the clinic and we noticed a mosquito tent that went on a double bed. It was roughly £60 so we thought we could get it on Amazon cheaper. We had a look later and we couldn’t so we suggest getting that there if you want it. All of the items on the shelves were actually very reasonably priced.

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edinburgh travel clinic
The extras on sale at the clinic

Overall thoughts

We liked the clinic, it was clean and spacious. We enjoyed our time waiting reading some of the information in the clinic and there were plenty of seats and space so Travis ran around a little. The lady at the desk seemed like she couldn’t be bothered with anyone and barely bat an eyelid at us until it was time to pay. We were a bit frustrated at being asked to pay more than we had been told on the phone.

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edinburgh travel clinic
You can’t park outside

The clinic is not in the centre of Edinburgh but it is very easy to get to, especially for us coming from the Scottish Borders. There was no parking so our ride just drove around and waiting on us and came back when we were out.

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We would go back to the Edinburgh Travel Clinic but only because vaccinations are a must have. Maybe we would look into somewhere else just so we knew we were going somewhere where we could trust the prices and have a bit of a friendlier reception.

Have you been to a travel clinic Edinburgh?

Need vaccinations? Have you considered Edinburgh travel clinic | travel clinic | Tropical diseases | Hep A | vaccinations | travel | family travel | tropical disease clinic
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Need vaccinations? Have you considered Edinburgh travel clinic | travel clinic | Tropical diseases | Hep A | vaccinations | travel | family travel | tropical disease clinic
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